Hockey Girl


1. Boys Will Be Boys


"Pass it here!" I cried skidding my ice skates across the ice. Shawna passed the puck over as I passed it over to Jenna. She caught the puck. 

Jenna shot the puck and it zipped past Ginger, the goalie. Making it another successful win for Team Two.  Coach forcefully blew her whistle. We all skated back to her. "Now ladies. We got two games next week. And it looks like we need a lot of practice. Especially you, Ginger." We all glanced back at the emo, who was in this case, my best friend. 

Ginger let out a quiet groan. We turned back to coach Pemberly. "But the rest of you are doing great. Like you, Aurora." I blushed. Coach finally let us go after a few minutes of talking about our two games that we were playing next week. 


"I told you I should've taken ballet..." grumbled Ginger, gathering her things. "But you hate ballet." I chuckled. Ginger rolled her eyes. "It doesn't matter. Like seriously, man. I wanted to be up in the ice not be the stupid goalie." 

"Oh well. You were the last one to volunteer. You were too busy texting Ryan." I joked, grabbing my skateboard. Ginger shrugged. "He's my boyfriend. And your giant crush on Justin is totally ruining it!" We both laughed. 

"I told you; I hate Justin. He's a cocky bastard that needs to go take a seat in an electric chair."  I said in serious tone. Ginger grimaced at my opinion on Justin. "It doesn't really matter. Hey--- you still coming over tonight?" I nodded, "Wouldn't miss for the world." 

The two of us crossed the street to the pizza place that was across the rink. And guess who was there flirting with some of the waitresses on their smoke break?

Ryan, Chaz and most importantly, Justin. 

"Ryan!" called Ginger, running over there. The boys looked back. Justin saw me and flashed me a dazzling smile that threw me almost off guard. "Hey there," he called. I wanted to turn around and walk home but I was starving and cold. 

"Hey Chaz, Ryan and what's your face." 

"Don't act coy, princess." Justin said sweetly. I rolled my eyes. Ryan wrapped his arms around Ginger's waist. The three waitresses were done smoking and went inside. "Aw man!" Chaz moaned. "Tought luck, man." giggled Ginger. We all went inside and took our seats. 

I slid in a booth and Justin sat next to me. "Can you move a little?" I asked. Justin moved a centimeter. "When I say move, I say move at least 50 inches, creep." 

"Fine then," he moved another centimeter. I groaned. We ordered a large peperroni and cheese.

When it arrived, the boys dug in messily. As ladies, me and Ginger grabbed a delicate slice and ate it. "So Aurora, you coming to the party on Saturday?"

"What party?" 

"Jenna's!" Jenna Waverly who was on my hockey team? "Jenna Waverly?" I asked. "Yes!" exclaimed Ginger. I shrugged. "Maybe." 

"Hope to see you there," smirked Justin. I rolled my eyes once more and continued eating. 


Ginger, Ryan and Chaz left. Leaving me and the weirdo together. "Want me to walk you home?" 


I started walking before him. He caught up with me and smiled at me. His smile always made my stomach turn because it was so perfect...

Stop Aurora!

You don't like him. You never did, you never will. 

"So how's you and Michelle?" I asked suddenly. Justin laughed. "Why do you ask? You're concerned?" 

Now that I think about it, I did sound a little concerned. "No. I just want to know." Justin's smile dropped a little. "We broke up. It's ok, though. I have feelings for someone else." My heart glowed a little. "That's cool. Who?" 

"Oh come on, princess. You!" he nudged. I rolled my eyes, trying to hide my blush. " I haven't heard about a thousand times at school while you were dating Michelle." 

"What's wrong? How come you don't like me back?"

I stopped my tracks. He did too.

"Listen, Justin. I like you too, it's just I don't wanna a boy to mess up my career as a hockey player. I mean one day after the season, it could be me and you. But the season is not over and I have no idea what to do with you but be just your friend. I hope you understand." 

I looked into his puppy dog eyes. 

Tears were rising in mine. Hearing myself reject a boy makes me feel weak inside. Its boys who reject me. I remember once asking out Justin in the seventh grade and him rejecting me. The cold wind blew past my face as I pulled my jacket closer to my chest. 

"I'll see you a school tomorrow." I told him setting my skateboard and I began skating home. 

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