Vampires and Werewolves

Two Girls (Ashton and River) are in this adopted center. Two boys come and pick out some girls One of the two girls gets picked. She didn't want to leave her friend behind cause they were like sisters to each other and they were there for one another. She left and the two boys took her to a home..... *Week Later* Ashton now knows 5 people her birthday is August 12 so they give her a present it was her best friend they adopted her best friend River. Then after getting to know River something bad happen they figure out that the Two of the five boys are Vampires and two of them are werewolves. One is still just a human. They dont like each other they hate each other. So they have to make the girls pick so they know. Someone else are Witches they have to pick who do they pick read to find out.


3. Ashton's Candle

*Ashton's POV*

"OH HI!" A cheerful woman ran towards me with her arms out. As soon as she reached me, she had her arms around me practically suffocating me. "My names Beth, I'm so happy your here!" She kissed my cheek then. I gave a weak smile, I had been to 4 foster homes in the past year because of problems I've been having. This was just another family to add onto my list.

She grabbed some of my suitcases and helped me inside. "Mitchell won't be home till late, he's a firefighter." I nodded already knowing this, she had written me a description and sent it to me while I was still at the orphanage.

"Why'd you pick me?" She turned around, stopping in her tracks. She looked confused and surprised at first. "I mean, with all the medical problems I have." She sighed then.

"I um." She cleared her throat. "I had a child that had a lot of medical problems, and they died at the age of 4. I know how hard it is to go through all of this. But I'm willing to take that risk again." She nodded then. She took a deep breath quickly, before smiling. "Want me to show you your room?" I nodded slightly, and we walked up the stairs to a room. The walls were white, with a black wooden border across it. The bed was a beautiful black and white design, and I had a huge closet in the corner.

"Like it?" She said setting my suitcases down. I smiled again. I walked over to a small table near the window. A small candle was wildly moving back and forth. I tilted my head to the side confused, and it suddenly went out. I jumped back a little, I wasn't even close enough to burn it out.

"Want to help me unpack your clothes?" I looked away from the candle, and back towards Beth.

"Um sure." I set the bags down that I was carrying, and opened it. I took out a few picture frames of my friends and set them on the desk. I hung my t-shirts and pants in the closet. While Beth sorted the rest of my clothes. It didn't take long to get me moved in because I didn't have a lot of clothes. "There!" She said cheerfully. I smiled a little and put my hands in my back pocket.

"I'm going to go make lunch, I'll call you down when it's done." She smiled then walked out of the room closing the door behind me. I walked over to my bed then, and fell down on top of it. As soon as I did so, the windows by the desk burst open slamming against the wall, making a loud banging noise. I jumped up, quickly looking at the windows. Large gusts of wind blew stuff off the desk.

As soon as I noticed a picture frame of River and I about to fall, I ran towards it with my hand outwards. "NO!" Right as it was about to crash to the ground, it stopped. It froze in the air, I left my hand outwards still. It was like there was some connection.

"Ashton?" I heard a voice behind me, and I put my hand at my side turning around, the picture crashing to the floor. As I looked at the person infront of me then, I was confused.

"Who are you?" The lady smiled, she was an elderly lady, gray long hair. Her clothes looked almost ancient, but she was still gorgeous in a way.

"Oh my Ashton." She walked towards me as tears formed, she quickly brought me into a hug and I felt a spark of connection. Who was this lady?

I stood in place as she continued to hug me. As soon as she pulled away she smiled. She brushed her hand across my cheek. "My dear, I am your Gran." She smiled, and I stood there in shock. My grandma was standing infront of me. How could this be? "You have so many things to be told."

"Like what? Did one of my parents have some mental disorder they passed down to me?" I looked at her with anger. Where had she been all my life? "I have 4 different pills I take each night from anger issues, some crazy disease I supposedly have, They all think I'm crazy."

She sighed then. "My dear, you do not have any disorders at all." She gave me a weak smile, her lips moved like she wished to tell me something but no words came out.

"Then what is wrong with me?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Try me." I had been told I was crazy so many times, I'd believe in anything that I was told practically.

She looked at me with concern before finally talking. "Look over at that picture frame." I turned around looking at it, and my grandma moved to my side. "You stopped that from falling with your own mind? Yes?" I nodded. "There's a certain reason for that, dear." She held out her hand like I had before, her palm faced towards the picture frame. Suddenly the picture was lifted from the ground, and came flying towards Gran till it reached her hand.

"It's busted, might as well make it float over to the trash." I sighed, and she snickered.

"You must not think so negative my dear." She handed me the picture frame then. She walked over to my desk and grabbed a sheet of paper. She wrote something down on it, then held it up infront of me. "Wave your hand over the picture while reading this."

I looked at her confused, but listened. I moved my hand in a circular motion across the picture as I read weird words that seemed like they were from a different language. Once I had finished what she wrote down, I stopped waving my hand over the picture. I looked down at the frame, and the cracks were gone.

I looked back up at my grandma and she smiled. "My dear, you have a lot to learn."

"Ashton, lunch is ready!" I heard Beth yell down at me.

"Duty calls for me as well my dear."

"What am I?" I mumbled.

"Your a witch." She smiled before suddenly disappearing. The windows slammed shut, and the room went dark. I set the picture on the bed beside me. I was so confused, did that seriously just happen? Or was I day dreaming?

"I guess I forgot to take my pills this morning." I shrugged then, and walked out to eat lunch with Beth. Maybe the 1 person that would actually decide to keep a crazy kid.

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