Most Dangerous Game

You think that nothing could happen in 30 days? Well that's where you're wrong, a lot could happen in 30 days. Most Dangerous Game; the game that I played without knowing it. The game where I fell in love with someone who may not feel the same. The game where love is at it's most dangerous.


2. Chapter 2

-Brooke POV-

"Johnson, you're late!" my boss Andy yells from the back as I enter work. "Sorry something happened at school and I couldn't get away" I apologize. "Don't let it happen again" he says. I nod and go to the locker room. I get into my uniform that I have to wear (which is a blue polo, and black pants with a red apron), and slide my skates on. I put my long dark brown hair into a high pony tail and put my hat on. I go into the kitchen and wait until someone buzzed for their order.

*BUZZ* The buzzer goes off. "Hello welcome to Speedy Spinners how can I help you?" I say into the speaker. "Oh uh can we have your deluxe burgers, fries, 5 corn dogs and 5 waters" the person on the speaker says. "Alright I'll have your order out soon" I say before hanging up. I send the order to the cook and wait for the next order.

Once I have enough orders and the food on the tray, I skate out into the parking lot to my first order. I stop in my tracks once I notice the car. It's Zayn and his posse. Why must it be them?! Maybe I'll 'accidently' skip them and have someone else do it. "Brooke! Go!" my co-worker Bryan tells me while skating past me. I sigh in aggravation and skate to his corvette. "Hey look! It's dorky mc-dork Johnson!" Harry says, nudging the others.

"Oh yeah, I didn't know you worked here! So what do you here cutie? Skate on your little twinkle toes?" Liam teases. "Here's your food. Enjoy and I'll take your money" I say, throwing the food to them and keeping my head down. "Oh, why of course princess. What will it be?" Niall jokes. "Just give me the money and you can be on your way out of here" I tell them. "Here, thanks for the food, loser" Louis laughs. He hands me the money and I go back inside.

4 pm, time for my shift to end. "Andy my shift's over! I got to go pick up Kimberly!" I yell, putting my jacket on. I open the door and go to my Honda civic. I start the ignition and pull out onto the busy street. It's so hot today! 98 degrees! I don't like spring so far. I turn up the air conditioning and put it on full blast. "Ahh, much better" I sigh in relief.

I get to the pre-school and go into the parking lot. I walk up into the building and into the play room that they have for the kids. "Brookie!!" Kim yells while jumping up and running into my knees. "Kimmy!" I yell excitedly. "Can we go home now?" she asks, looking up a me. "Yes we can" I smile. I sign her out and carry her to the car. I strap her in her car seat and go into mine.

"Brooke?" Kim asks. "Yes sweetie?" I ask, looking at her in the mirror. "Can we have some take out food? Like McDonald's?" she asks. "I don't know Kimmy, let me see if we have enough money okay?" I ask her. "Okay" she sighs. I drive to a gas station and look to see if we have enough to buy some food tonight. We have enough. "Okay, do you want a kids order of chicken nuggets or a cheeseburger?" I ask her. "CHEESEBURGER!" she yells happily while throwing her arms in the air. She's so crazy that it's adorable. I laugh at her and drive to McDonalds.

"C'mon Kim lets go inside" I say while unbuckling her. She jumps out and runs across the street. "Kimberly!" I yell. She continues running and makes it to the front door. "Kimberly Anne!" I yell, chasing after her. I run inside and I can't find her. Panic crosses my mind and my breathing speeds up. "Kimberly!" I yell. I frantically run all over the restaurant in search of her. I run my hands through my hair and panic even more. "I think this one is yours" I hear someone say behind me. I jump and turn around, breathing in relief as I saw Kimberly in someone's arms. Zayn's.

"T-Thank you" I tell him, taking Kim from his arms. He just nods and walks away, not making eye contact with me. "Don't you ever run away from me like that ever again" I tell her. "I'm sorry Brooke!" she whines. I sigh and hug her, then ordering her food. We ate our dinner and drove home. I was tucking her in until she asked me a question. "Who was that man that picked me up?" she asks. "That was a friend of mine sweetheart" I smile. "Is he nice to you?" she asks. I smile and look at her. I put my hand on her cheek and stroke it. "Don't worry about it. Lets get some sleep okay? I'll see you in the morning" I tell her, kissing her forehead. "Goodnight Brookie" she yawns. I get off the bed and shut the door behind me.

I undress and climb into my bed. I turn my tv on and watch Friends for a while before drifting off to sleep.


Woohoo second update!!! I'm juggling this, Love Will Remember and Legendary Lovers. I feel awesome haha but who watched 1D Day? I couldn't because I had plans all day:( But I saw pics of Niall in his boxers. Which you know, made my night haha but enjoy!!!:D


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