Half a Heart

Alice fell in love once in her life and after it ended she never wanted to love again. She's been in relationships since then but they always seemed to fall through. Now she's 21, and trying to fullfil her dream of being an artist. Then one day an old face pops up out of the blue. Will she get a second chance to fall in love again? Or will it end terribly again? Read and Find out :D


10. Lane.

Alice's POV:

I woke up in the arms of Louis. I smiled smugly and pushed him off of me. I sat up and stretched before looking at my phone. It was a text from Lane. She asked where I was and that she was gonna bring me some of my clothes. I gave her Liam's address then put my phone down. I heard voices and footsteps running up the stairs. Then the door swung open hitting Louis's foot. Which caused him to shot up in pain. I heard him start crusing under his breath which caused me to laugh. I looked up to see Niall smiling at me. He then jumped on top of me hugging me tightly. 

"So you comforted Danny?" He asked.

I nodded with a frown. 

"That's a surprise." I heard Harry hiss which made me roll my eyes.

"Did he deny it?" Niall asked.

"Yeah even said you all were just filling my head with lies trying to turn me against him." I groaned.

"Not surprising." Harry laughed cockily.

I was about to say something smart but I heard a soft knock at the door. I jumped up and ran down the stairs almost into the door. I opened it up to see a very sad Lane. I engulfed her in a hug before I pulled her upstairs. I pulled her over to the bed ignoring the boys. Sadly she couldn't help herself but look at them.

"Who's this?" Louis asked still rubbing his foot.

"This is Lane." I stated and glaring at Harry who had a very cheeky smile on his face. I knew that smile and I didn't like it. "Stay off my best friend Styles." I hissed.

"Hey shouldn't she speak for herself?" He sassed back shrugging.

"It's okay Alice, I don't like big ego guys anymore anyways." She shrugged causing me and the others to laugh as Harry's jaw dropped.

"He's not that bad once you get to know him." Louis mumbled which got a smile out of Harry and got him hit by me. 

Louis looked up at me with a sad puppy look. I rolled my eyes and turned away because I knew if I kept looking I would give in. Like I always did back then. I noticed a smile appear on his face. He knew how to work me. Better than anyone else. I introduced her to all the boys and noticed that Harry still couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Which really bugged me. Harry and I used to be really tight until that day I accused Louis of cheating. Then he turned into the biggest douche bag ever. I think he was just trying to keep Louis strong but wait what am I doing? Am I really giving Harry Styles an excuse to do all what he had done?! 

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