Half a Heart

Alice fell in love once in her life and after it ended she never wanted to love again. She's been in relationships since then but they always seemed to fall through. Now she's 21, and trying to fullfil her dream of being an artist. Then one day an old face pops up out of the blue. Will she get a second chance to fall in love again? Or will it end terribly again? Read and Find out :D


19. "I give.."

Alice's POV:

The sun was slowly setting now and it was getting chilly. I sat in the warm sand and stared off at the sky. The different shades of the sun made the place warmer. I pulled my knees up to my chest and let out a soft sigh. Then I felt someone's warm hand on my bare shoulder. I turned my head to see Louis. He smiled at me before taking a seat next to me. He wrapped his arm around my waist so I laid my head softly down on his shoulder. 

"Are you alright Alice?" He asked staring at the sky.

"Yeah I'm fine.." I mumbled. 

"I....um.." I looked up to noticing him blushing. I think he was thinking about earlier. 

"You what Lou?" I smirked wanting the words to fall off his lips.

He turned his head and frowned at me. He knew I was enjoying making him sqirm like this. He put one hand on my cheek and pulled my face closer to his. His lips locked with mine and sparks flew down my spine. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling his lips into mine. His tongue traced my bottom lip asking for entry. I aloud it inside and felt my body slowly heating up. I haven't felt this way in awhile. His lips pulled away from mine as we panted and gasping for air. 

"Alice.." His words panted out. 

"Yes Lou?" I smiled softly at him.

"I love you." He said before kissing my forehead. "Will you give me another chance? Please?" His eyes pleaded with sadness. I didn't say anything but instead I pulled his face back into mine locking our lips together again. As we pulled away I smiled at him.

"Yes Louis." I said before he kissed me again.

"What's going on here?" Harry said smirking at us with his hand entangled with Lane's. My eyes widened which only made Harry smile wider. 

"Are you two finally together again?" Lane asked.

"Yes we are." I smiled at her and laid my head on Lou's shoulder. 

"Finally!" Harry screamed and jumped on both of us. 

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