Half a Heart

Alice fell in love once in her life and after it ended she never wanted to love again. She's been in relationships since then but they always seemed to fall through. Now she's 21, and trying to fullfil her dream of being an artist. Then one day an old face pops up out of the blue. Will she get a second chance to fall in love again? Or will it end terribly again? Read and Find out :D


7. Behind the Mask.

Alice's POV:

I found myself laughing and having a good time with the boys. Which was odd because Louis was there. I felt my heart being tugged. I wanted to talk to him but at the same time I didn't because I didn't want to get hurt again. I looked over at him and our eyes locked. I quickly looked down at my lap which I noticed made a smile appear across his face as he looked away. I looked down at my phone and realized that Lane was texting me asking me when I was coming home. I think she needed to talk to me. I stood up off the bed and stretched. 

"Going somewhere?" Zayn asked.

"I need to go home. Lane I think needs me." I shrugged.

"Want me to take you home?" Niall asked.

"No I'll be fine." I smiled at him and noticed Louis was staring at me. 

"It was fun seeing you guys again. Urm well.." I looked at Harry and narrowed my eyes. "Some of you." 

He just laughed.

I walked down the stairs and out the door. About half a block away I noticed someone was following me. I spun around on my heels. It was Louis with his hands in his pockets. I crossed my arms and stared at him. I'm not surprised he followed me because back then he did it a lot to make sure I would get home safely. 

"Not this again." I teased.

"It's not safe at night." He mumbled.

"I agree there's a lot of creepers who like to follow sweet girls like me." I giggled.

"Hey now, I am too cute to be a creeper." He laughed. 

I shrugged turning around laughing. 

"Besides you aren't that sweet." He said catching up to me. 

"Hey now I am too sweet." I giggled.

"Red heads are evil, then again you have always been evil." He winked. 

I laughed knowing he was right. Louis knows me better than anyone else. I hated the way we ended. I hated how much I loved him. I hate how much I still love him after all these years. Not like it's been a lot. I mean it's only been four. We got to my house and I stopped in the driveway. I turned and looked at him. 

"Thanks." I mumbled. 

He smiled at me. "You're welcome." 

I was about to walk to the door but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into him. He then wrapped his arms around me hugging me. After a few seconds I hugged him back. After he let go he turned around and walked away. I walked inside to find Lane crying on the steps.

"Lane?!" I sat down and wrapped my arms around her hugging her. "What happened?" 

"Mathew cheated on me." She cried.

"What?! With who?" I asked rubbing her back.

"Some chick. I don't even know. I walked into his bedroom to see them fucking." 

I could see how hurt she really was. It hurt me to see her like this. We walked up to my bedroom and see fell asleep in my arms. 

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