why me?

I was crying....... this couldn't be real this has to be a dream...... ill wake up and be in my bed.... ill run down stairs and ... they'll be there..... smiling....laughing.....and everything will be ok again....... but...deep down I knew that would never happen again they were gone.... and I would never get them back.......they were gone forever..... and its all his fault..... Alex McCann.... I hate him and that will never change.....ever.


2. who?

I was dreaming I had to be this wasn't true. no.....no Jason couldn't be dead....... I looked at the cop and then..... at his body....no....I started to cry.... my Jase no......" why me?" I fell to my knees and looked up... and screamed at the top of my lungs. till I couldn't no more.

 I shot up in bed. breathing heavy and tears streaming down my face. what? it was just a dream? really? omg. and who the hell is Jason? ugh! I got up . and got dressed.

I brushed my hair and left all my curls down. I went out and started to walk to the park. I was meeting my aunt and uncle there. to spend some time with them. and so they could make sure I'm ok. I seen them and walked over to them. I hugged them and then we walked around, talking, laughing, smiling, and just being a some what normal family. and then I looked over to a patch of woods and shade and saw him. the boy from my dream. I couldn't help but stare. and soon enough he noticed or finally decided to see who was staring.


                                                              Jason McCann

I got a good look at his face. dang he was hot. and a bad boy. and it made me want him. I saw him check me out. then I looked closer at him. omg! that's Mia's ........ Brother? I cant remember what she said he was to her, but oh my gosh! I looked away and then I said bye to my aunt and uncle. they were going to move in with me. they start tonight. yay! note the sarcasm. I looked back over to where I saw that boy and he was gone. I frowned and then I turned and started to walk over to the swings. I sat down and kept looking for him. I don't know why. so don't even try and ask me. ok? good. I kept looking till it was late. and dark and very cold. I stood up and walked over to the road and started to walk. when I was suddenly pushed up against a tree.

I looked and saw him smirking at me and then he said something. I honestly didn't expect to hear him say. "you don't give up easily do you?" I had lost a good bit of my mojo back after my parents death so I just nodded. he smiled " so why were you staring at me earlier?" I could NOT , no way in hell tell him that I had a dream about him. so I didn't lie but I didn't tell the whole truth, I shrugged. "do you talk?" he chuckled. I rolled my eyes. " of course I can talk I just have nothing to say to you." he looked shocked and then smirked. " well then lets change that shall we?" and before I could say anything he had picked me up a sat me back down in what, I guessed to be his car. oh god really!? why me?

A/N heyy :) sorry it took so long :( but here is the first actual chapter. a good bit of stuff going on here. well I'll try and update tomorrow no promises but if not I will for sure by this weekend:) hope you liked it:) let me know what you thought.:)

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