why me?

I was crying....... this couldn't be real this has to be a dream...... ill wake up and be in my bed.... ill run down stairs and ... they'll be there..... smiling....laughing.....and everything will be ok again....... but...deep down I knew that would never happen again they were gone.... and I would never get them back.......they were gone forever..... and its all his fault..... Alex McCann.... I hate him and that will never change.....ever.


5. What just happened?

I was shocked. I didn't know what to say. how could she, date the man that killed our mom and dad?!

" lacy.....why?"

 " I'm so sorry, but when we met. I didn't know who he was. and I fell in love with him. I promise I never meant to hurt you. and you know that if I could have helped it I would have. but like you always said. the heart doesn't know hate, distance, but only love and betrale and heartache. please. forgive me I'm so sorry."

 " I......." I didn't know what to say. god knows I wanted to forgive her and hug her. but I jut didn't have a clue on what to feel or how to react. so I just stood there, and then it clicked. my dream clearly states that me and Jason get together at some point. but. he knows Alex. and who's to say they aren't the same? or that Alex or him wont betray me? no one that's who. so I looked at Jason and I felt a pain in my chest....my heart. but I ran out the door and through the woods. I didn't, couldn't ever want to be with Jason if he was related to Alex. and even though my heart said turn around my mind said run. so.....which one do I follow? and then I stopped running. my mom said to always do what I wanted, what was best for me. and that the heart knew what we needed and just who or what could give it to us. I had always followed my heart. but. this? do I do the same? or start running again? no. I cant. but I wont turn back. ill stay right here. they can come and find me. and then I heard him, Jason that is.

 " Cassidy?! Cassidy?! where are you?! " and I turned and I wasn't thinking anymore I gave my heart all power over me. for now anyways.

" Jason?!" and then I saw him running to me. and he picked me up in a hug. I hugged back.

                                                        Jason and Cassidy hugging

we pulled away and looked at each other. and then. he kissed me. and I kissed back. we pulled away. and I got out of his arms. what just happened?

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