why me?

I was crying....... this couldn't be real this has to be a dream...... ill wake up and be in my bed.... ill run down stairs and ... they'll be there..... smiling....laughing.....and everything will be ok again....... but...deep down I knew that would never happen again they were gone.... and I would never get them back.......they were gone forever..... and its all his fault..... Alex McCann.... I hate him and that will never change.....ever.


7. what do we do?

 He pushed me up against the wall roughly. and I moaned at him. he made me wrap my legs around his waist. he pushed me even more against the wall. I fisted my hands in his hair. and pulled hard. I didn't know how to describe the pleasure running through me. this wouldn't be my first. but that's okay cause I know I'm not his first either. he pulled away from our kiss. he looked me deep in the eyes and started to play with my body. running his hands across my butt. to my neck and then down to my boobs. squeezing them together and then down to my private area. where he began to rub me. I closed my eyes and moaned.

Jason: look at me baby.

I looked back at him keeping eye contact was so hard as he repeated his movements over and over again. he laid me on the bed I pulled his shirt off. and then his pants. he unbuttoned his shirt I was wearing. he groaned at me.

Me: what?

Jason: their huge! what size are you?

I blushed.

Me: D36....

he groaned again. he played with them. then went to kissing and sucking. I moaned he was in-between my legs so I could feel him. and he just kept growing and growing. I couldn't take it. I wanted him. I needed him in me. 

Me: jasonnnn.....please oh! God!.

he started to finger me. my head and eyes rolled back in pleasure as my back arched. after a while I came. he went down and started to thrust in and out with his tongue. I screamed his name then he came back up. he kissed me. rough. and I put my hand in his pants my underwear was gone and I only had on his shirt. he moaned as I grabbed him in my hands. I started to jack him off. then I went down and gave him a blowjob and he came again. I swallowed. and then he pulled me back up. his boner was still there he rammed into me. I screamed his name. he continued this until I came and then about 5 minutes later he came as well. he took off the condom I didn't notice he put on and threw it away. I put my underwear back on and put on a bra. I didn't bother to button the shirt back up. he put boxers on and then we cuddled in bed. I turned to him and said.

Me: Jason what are we goanna do now?

Jason: go to sleep.

he chuckled. I rolled my eyes and he became serious.

Me: no about this....about....us...if there even is an us.

I looked away from him and got up. I went downstairs. I walked into his kitchen. I got out a bottle of water. I felt arms turn me around. and it wasn't until then that I realized I was crying. I turned back around. I whipped my tears but new ones replace those. Jason pulled me into his chest.

Jason: what's wrong baby? why are you crying?

Me:.....because...I knew the answer before I even asked....

Jason: but baby no you didn't and you still don't.

Me: then what is it Jason?

Jason: there is an us...

he turned me around and continued.

Jason(continued): and as for what we're going to do about us we are going to be together. and hopefully. one day get married.

I stopped crying and giggled.

Jason: what?

Me: all this from sex hahaha.

he laughed with me. he carried me up stairs and we cuddled and went to sleep. but were rudely woken by....



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