why me?

I was crying....... this couldn't be real this has to be a dream...... ill wake up and be in my bed.... ill run down stairs and ... they'll be there..... smiling....laughing.....and everything will be ok again....... but...deep down I knew that would never happen again they were gone.... and I would never get them back.......they were gone forever..... and its all his fault..... Alex McCann.... I hate him and that will never change.....ever.


1. prologue


                                         Cassidy's ( above) and Lacy's( below) outfit's


                                                                                                                                                     " OH MY GOSH!" twin sister lacy exclaimed as she finally understood my joke, I laughed with her. me and lacy had just got done shopping. we had spent all but 25 dollars of our, b-day money. with that left we were going to get our nails done. I was getting grey, and lacy was getting black. you see we are Goth.  Meaning that we like the color black more than others but I had already had black so I was getting grey. we had just walked into the nail salon  and were almost done. we had decided we would use our debt cards to buy Christmas for everyone and then get supper for our parents. yeah we have money but we're good kids. we had almost everything in common. we both were Goth. we both LOVED soulja boy .and we both love bad boys. we like danger but hate attention. but we both want to be remembered for something. BIG . we both made all a's and b's in school. the only deference between us was. well SHE liked boys with blue eyes brown hair and I liked boys with brown eyes and brown hair. and well everything else was the same. cool right? I loved having a twin we both did. we just walked out the nail salon. we were happy we got supper and went home. we all ate. and then we went to our rooms . and then to bed. we still had school tomorrow. I woke up and went to the shower. I pulled on my grey skinnies and my black knitted sweater. I pulled on my grey chucks. I  then pulled on my big puffy and long. apostle coat. I walked out and saw lacy come out as well. we were dressed the same. we blushed and both started to laugh. me and lacy were not only sisters but BFF's and everyone knew that and we were loved by our 3 BFF's, we went down stairs and ate breakfast. and then grabbed our bags and then went to our cars. we drove separate because we had things to do after school. I had my black

Lamborghini and she had hers. the only difference was the initials on the front tags mine had CYH hers had LYH. we walked into school our purses on our shoulders. we walked in and met up with our other BFF's when we got there another girl was with them. " who's this guys?" me and lacy asked together. we smirked at the situation. Kira answered us. " this is Mia. Mia, this is lacy and Cassidy the twins" she looked at us weird I laughed. " don't worry if you get us mixed up or anything. we wont get mad just don't do it on purpose then we get mad. but we'll let you slide since your new and all. but if you ever need to tell us apart you can just look at our nails. ok?" she smiled and nodded. I smiled back.


 after school I had cheer then dance then we were all going to Mia's house to hang out. I got to cheer then once finished drove to dance and as soon as that was over I quickly showered and changed back into my clothes from school.


 When I got to Mia's I was late.  ran up the steps and knocked. a boy with long flip style brownish blond hair answered the door. I blushed as he checked me out. he smirked. " umm is Mia here?" he frowned then let me in. I saw her on the floor I ran to her and helped her up. " omg!! Mia! what happened?!" " we were joking around and lacy started to get mad about something the other girls were saying. I-I laughed an-d sh-she...." she started to cry my temper flared and my eye sight turned red. " lacy did this?" I growled she nodded " is she still here?" she nodded " were?" she motioned to the living room. I yelled "LACY!!!!" that boy was behind me with Mia behind him. she turned her anger on me. good. try it. " WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLUM!!!???" " SHE LAUGHED AT ME!!!" " I DONT CARE!!! SHE DIDNT KNOW BETTER!!" " OH WELL!!! WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT!!!??" "NOTHHING BUT THIS"  I ran at her and slammed her into the wall she kneed my stomach. I got up and punched her. this continued until that boy grabbed me and the girls were holding lacy back the best they could. we both struggled to get to the other. not yet done.

 After that day we grew apart we had never hit each other before. and it tore us apart. we do miss each other but. we just cant trust the other no more. but one day our parents died we sorted our differences but after that. she moved in with her Boyfriend. a bad boy that treated her right. we still hung out. but he was in a gang tho so..... yeah.  and I lived in our old but somehow still new house. our grandparents paid for it. our parents never got their Christmas. so we donated it to charity. after that my life was never the same again.

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