recover my love

Its hard you know?
When someone close to you is ripped away.
Never going to hug again.
See smile again.
It hurts.
Its a feeling you can't explain.
Just a numb, empty feeling.
That's when a savoir comes along, to teach you how to smile again, love and laugh.
My recovery.


2. two.

So I sit in the reasonably busy coffee shop and sip on my tea. 


What is the point in life? Why can't someone else take my place? Someone more desperate and happy. 


"Seat taken?" A polite familiar voice asks. 


"No." I reply with a blunt tone. 


Then a creek is heard as the chair is dragged along the floor.

I look up to see its Harry from earlier. 


"Where did you go earlier?" I question to the curly haired boy that sits before me. 


"Home." He simply replies. 


"How are you?" He asks a little concerned. 


"Fine." I say through gritted teeth. 


"Now the truth." Harry corrects sighing. 


"Why do you care?" I ask getting annoyed. 


"because Ailish, I have no choice but to care." He replies confusing me. 


"What does that mean?" I ask taking a few gulps from my hot sweet beverage. 


"I will tell you later." He explained smiling. 


"What if i want t know now." I challenge him. 


"You won't handle it." Harry sighs relaxing in his chair.


"What if I can?" I second leaning forward. 


"I know more about you than what you know about yourself." He takes on. 


"Go for it." I say entwining my fingers together. 


"Ailish Brown, born: nuffield private hospital in Glasgow, November twenty first in nightie nightie six. You are in sixth form at school. You live with your mum, your dad lives in Scotland, when you were little you'd love to sing and dance-" 


"What the hell?!" I ask creeped out. 


"Hey i'm not done yet!" Harry sarcastically shoots back. 


"How do you know this? I barely even recognized you this morning but somehow you know everything about me?!" I jump back in my seat while ranting. 


"I will explain when you are ready." Harry again tries to explain.


"Oh really?" I ask with a blank face. 


"Yes." He replies with a serious face. 


I look down fixing my bracelets while taking a few heavy breaths in frustration. 


"Whatever." I say mocking his voice. 


I look up to find no one in front of me. Not anyone here, the chair is in the rightful place tucked under the table. 

This boy is strange, but I like him. He intrigues me, I need to find out more about him. I bit my lip and slouch in the wooden chair crossing my arms. 




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