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2. This Will Change My Life

My dad later on told me to sit down, and he said he had huge new! I sat down shaking beause I was so overwelmed! I'm the new manager for 1D!!!!!😆 I has so happy and I started to scream!There is some bad news that goes along with it. I was scared, was he only there manager for a week or a day..??? Were moving in 3 weeks to LA. I was in so much shock. A new school, new friends, and a new house was the thought i was thinking of. What why.??? 1D is moving to LA to tour more in the US so in order to be there manager we have to move to LA. On the bright side youll get to know them. Yeah I guess, but Im going to miss my friends here in Texas but i meed some sort of change. This might be what I need. Alot of the kids at my school and really mean and bullies. Maybe LA is different. My parents are so excited so i acted excited but im still alittle nervous.

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