Frostbite (16+)

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 May 2014
  • Status: Complete
Harry is struggling with the sex addiction that controls his life, leaving him depressed and frustrated. On top of everything he's feeling a growing affection and sexual attraction toward his best friend, Louis. But it's surely because of his addiction, right?


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6. Cold Water

Things weren’t exactly great in the Styles/Tomlinson residence following the massage happening. Awkward would be an understatement in describing the mood between Harry and Louis. Harry felt he had mostly himself to blame. Louis took this extremely well. It was as if it had never happened. Yet, he was considerate towards Harry, gave him the space he needed.

During the week before New Year’s Eve, Harry spent two nights at a local motel. He brought two random women from a pub nearby, back to his room. They were both in their mid-thirties, but looked pretty okay. Of course he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity of being alone, and also called a few of the escorts on the web page he found his paid girls.

Looking back at those days, Harry could feel a nauseating feeling deep in his stomach. Not about the random fucks or the pretty prostitutes. When having sex nonstop for 48 hours, he reached a point where he didn’t feel satisfaction anymore. Anger and frustration grew inside him until he almost slapped one of the girls as she was on her way out. That was not typical him, he didn’t want to be that way. He had treated the girls like shit, shouted and chased them away.

After Harry returned to the apartment for the last three days of December, he avoided Louis at all costs, and it didn’t seem as if Louis minded. He was mostly busy anyway. Harry took a while off from the world, hardly checking his phone and pretty much isolating himself. He didn’t even have someone over for a fuck, because he was so scared and confused. Afraid it no longer did any good, afraid it had changed him into someone he didn’t want to be.

Harry was lying on his bed when his bedroom door opened after a quick knock and Louis smiled to him for the first time in days. It was the 31st of December, the very last day of the year, and Harry didn’t even know if he wanted to enter a new year. Not like this.
“We’re going out tonight, yeah? To Liam’s friend, right?”

Louis, oh perfect little Louis with his perfect little ass. Harry was certain this was his way of carefully
trying to put the happening behind them. They had ignored it for enough time that it maybe, possibly had passed on its own.

Harry shook his head, and threw a glance towards Louis before letting his eyes wander to the window instead.
“I wasn’t planning on it, not quite in the mood,” he said honestly. He was not in the mood at all. Actually, it felt like he would never ever be in a good mood again.
“Well, that’s the best reason I have heard to go to a party all year! You can’t be in a bad mood when we enter a new year, Harry.” Louis seemed like a ray of sunshine. In both the best and worst way possible.

Louis must have seen Harry’s hesitant face, because he smiled brightly.
“I’mma make it my mission to give you a good start on the year. Get up from bed now and take a shower, we have to leave a little early because of the damned traffic.” There was no point in arguing now, Louis had made up his mind, so Harry just got up and picked up some clean underwear before heading to the bathroom.

“I knew I could persuade you into coming,” Louis sang, only to get a snort in reply from Harry. For once, Harry even locked the bathroom door. Louis didn’t usually walk in on him, but today he didn’t even want to take the chance. Anything Louis all of the sudden remembered that he needed from the bathroom would have to wait.

Harry stripped naked and stepped into the shower. After his little self denial of sex, he was about to burst. In his mind, he was hoping this would help, that maybe his constant need of pleasure would pass.

Naked. Harry was butt naked, all alone. Like a baby, except he wasn’t. He was not pure or innocent, he didn’t have a toothless grin. Lately he hardly had a grin at all. He himself didn’t even quite understand what was going on inside of him. The only thing he understood was the unmistakable physical processes. Like the fact that he was about to burst.

Water started running, and Harry made sure it would be cold. It was painful in the beginning, especially as the cold water ran through his hair, down his back. He liked it like that, in this very moment it was exactly what his needed. It was both a punishment and a great comfort.

No wanking in the shower. No release. No pleasure. It wasn’t really working out too well, but it felt good to feel bad.

After ten minutes, Harry was numb. His fingers, toes, his shoulders, his needs and his soul was all numb. He stepped out of the shower, and the air around him felt warm in contrast to the icy cold water that he had made colder and colder. No fog was on the mirror, and Harry could see his reflection right away. His skin was surprisingly pale and his lips had gotten just a slight tint of blue.

With only a towel around his waist, Harry left the bathroom.
“How much time I have?” Harry asked as he passed the door to Louis’ bedroom. He didn’t enter it, he didn’t wait for an answer, just continued to walk. He still heard when he got the answer.
“We leave when you’re ready, don’t take too long.”

Harry didn’t reply, he just walked into his room. In the drawer of the bedside table he found half a bottle of whiskey that tasted shit, but he opened it anyway, drank right from the bottle, only a sip, before putting it down.

Dress to impress wasn’t really a motto Harry lived by, but he was certain there would be photos taken today, and he didn’t want to look as shitty as he felt, so he put together an outfit that would work. Anything would work as long as he got skinny jeans, but this worked well.

Some time passed. Harry ran a bit back and forth, and after getting dressed, brushing his teeth and successfully fixing his hair, he felt quite a bit more motivated to get out among people. He was not like a ray of sunshine, he didn’t really feel like he was on his top game, but even though things were less than great, this would hopefully do him good.

Or not. Harry sat on his bed with the bottle in his hand, staring towards the window. When he took a sip from the bottle, he could hear the bedroom door open, but he didn’t move.
“Starting without me, mate? Not cool.” Louis didn’t really mind it, though. Harry knew from the tone of his voice.
“Just having a little taste, gonna save the rest for later,” Harry said and got up, turned around.

Louis, he looked like a god. Sexy tight suit pants, a white shirt and a cute little bowtie. His hair was messy, it looked like a bad hair day. Nothing suited Louis better than a bad hair day. Harry licked his lips, trying his best to stop staring.

As Harry put the bottle down on the bedside table, he knew this night couldn’t possibly end good. He hadn’t had a single fuck or wank in two days, there would be alcohol and lots of it tonight and Louis looked like he had literally just fell out of his wet dream. This looked like an upcoming disaster.  

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