Frostbite (16+)

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 May 2014
  • Status: Complete
Harry is struggling with the sex addiction that controls his life, leaving him depressed and frustrated. On top of everything he's feeling a growing affection and sexual attraction toward his best friend, Louis. But it's surely because of his addiction, right?


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8. Cab

”3… 2… 1…” And then the whole room exploded into cheering and exchanging hugs and kisses while wishing each other happy new year. Harry stood frozen on the floor and his eyes were glued to the slim little body of Louis. He watched as he smiled wide and celebrated this moment with chugging down his drink. And then another one, both going straight down.

Their eyes met. Harry and Louis were locked in eye contact, and now they both froze on each side of the room. The room was noisy; they didn’t even bother to try communicating verbally over the sound of everyone’s cheering.

Louis broke eye contact as his eyes wandered from Harry to the door. Harry’s eyes followed, and then looked at Louis again. His gaze was met by eyes that even felt warm from all the way across the living room, and he nodded gently. No words needed to be exchanged for either of them to know that they were about to leave.

By the time Harry and Louis was outside, a cab was already called. In Harry’s drunken mind there was nothing wrong or unusual about this. He didn’t even feel nervous, even though their entire friendship was at stake. In his defense was this all Louis’ initiative. At least that’s what Harry excused this with.

When they walked down the driveway, they had a good meter in distance between them. They spoke no words, but both knew. Harry knew the party was far from over, he knew Louis wanted something, and whatever it was, he would get it.

The cab rolled up without the boys having to wait for more than a good twenty seconds, and they both jumped into the back seat. Louis gave away their address before he put his hand casually on Harry’s thigh. Even as little as the touch was, it made Harry hold his breath, and Louis noticed the little reaction. Knowingly or not, Louis had total control over the situation. He had all the power over Harry.  

”Harry?” Louis spoke softly, leaning closer to Harry so that he could almost whisper and still be heard. His hand grabbed a tighter grasp of Harry’s thigh, but his fingers crept high up on the inside.
“Yeah?” Harry breathed, conflicted about whether or not he should stop Louis’ hand. After all, they were in a cab.

“Im so… so, so drunk right now,” Louis said and his head fell to Harry’s shoulder. It was at that moment Harry realized that what he was about to do with his very best friend was immoral. The worst part was that even  though Harry was fully aware of that fact, there was absolutely no doubt in his mind that the second they were behind the locked door of the apartment, he would fuck the petite body of Louis’ into his mattress so hard it would be imprinted into it forever thereafter.

“Me too,” Harry murmured even though he felt just fine. Not overly drunk at all, just a slight buzz. Most of his intoxication came from the lust (among other things) that went through his body when he was this close to Louis.

“Harry?” Louis said once again. He already had Harry’s full attention, but he didn’t say or do anything before he got another verbal response from him. So Harry spoke a soft “yeah?”, and their eyes met for a brief moment before Louis’ thin lips curved up in a small smile and his eyes fell to Harry’s lap.

And then Harry stopped breathing. All of the sudden, Louis’ little hand was no longer on his inner thigh. Louis was straight out cupping the outline of Harry’s still hard cock. Harry was at a complete loss of words as Louis put a slight pressure on it, stroked in discretely. In a cab. It was crazy. Harry was trying his very best to control his heavy breathing, and Louis definitely liked it.

Right? Louis wouldn’t do this if not. Harry tried to justify this in his mind in any way he could, because he wanted it so bad. This was completely unexpected, but definitely exactly what he wanted.

“This is our secret, Harry,” Louis murmured against his shoulder, almost making Harry shudder. It was so wrong, yet how could it really be so bad if they both wanted it?

“Take off your jacket,” Louis suddenly said, and Harry was confused for a moment, not knowing what Louis wanted or was thinking of doing, but after a few seconds he went along with it anyway.
“We can’t… you know… right here,” Harry said unsure, but his words were not very convincing. He’d love to fuck Louis up and down all over this back seat, without a doubt.

“Shhh, just stay quiet.” Before Harry had time to think about it, his jacket was lying casually in his lap and his pants were undone. Harry knew it was a good ten minutes left of the taxi ride. He also knew that he wanted Louis’ touch so bad he was seriously concerned he would faint without it. He felt lightheaded and his stomach was twirling with intense anticipation.

Just anticipation, nothing more than anticipation, no feelings of anything but intense lust because he was an addict that needed his rush. He told himself that, over and over again. He didn’t want Louis, he just wanted a petite little body with a tight little ass hole and a delicious bubble butt to go along with it. It was just his addiction making him want to fuck everything around him, he wasn’t even really gay. He’d just been around Louis so much, gotten too much time to watch his ass, Louis was his bend. Straight with a bend, and Louis little ass was it.

Harry regretted putting on such tight pants, because it made it harder for Louis to just sneak his hand into them. Yet he managed to do it at last, and Harry could feel Louis grip around his aching cock, but it didn’t move. Louis just looked up at him, searching for eye contact. And he got what he wanted.

“Eleanor did this to me once,” he said in a low voice. It was a strange mention, Harry had to admit that. Yet, the mental image of Louis being the one having a bulge under the jacket in the back of the car was not a nasty sight.

“Your girlfriend?” Harry felt his stomach flop a bit as he spoke the word out loud, feeling things just getting more and more wrong and immoral. But Louis shook his head.
“She’s just a someone; it’s nothing exclusive… at least not anymore. Conflict of interest.” Louis said the last sentence as if it had a deeper meaning that Harry would understand, but he didn’t. Nor did he think too much about it, because any string of thoughts that might have been about to run through his head was quickly interrupted by Louis’ hand starting to move. 

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