What Happened?

Hi I'm Kylie and long story short my brother is the worst brother ever!!! So what is going to happen? Read to find out!!!


1. When it all started and me

Hi my name is Kylie. My mum died in a car accident a few days ago. That was hard because she was my best friend. I am 15 and my brother ,Louis, is always getting drunk, he is 20, and is probably getting either drunk or high right now probably right now. My and his best friend is Harry ,but they aren't really close anymore. They separated when he turned 16 and started to do drugs, mum found out and kicked him out of the house. It really sucks for me because me, mum, and Lou were all really close until he was drunk driving. Yes if your wondering he did crash into mum when he started drinking a lot. At first it was one or two a week but then it turned a whole pack a day!!! Even with cigars but he stopped with those and did more drugs. I miss him but he is not him anymore he is something else I don't even want to think he is human. Even though he is my brother I do not love him. I hate him. No not a love hate relationship I really hate him.                                                                                                             Author's Note:  Hey guys this is my first story so NO HATE PLEASE!!!! I already know I am not a good writer!!! Bye my carrots!!!!! (Your nickname is carrots!!)

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