What Happened?

Hi I'm Kylie and long story short my brother is the worst brother ever!!! So what is going to happen? Read to find out!!!


5. Rehab

(A month later) "LOUIS FREAKING TOMLINSON YOU ARE GOING TO REHAB WEATHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!" "YOU CANT MAKE ME DO ANYTHING!" He yelled back. "OH REALLY YOU KILLED MUM AND DAD LEFT US SO YOU EITHER GO TO REHAB OR GO TO JAIL YOU ARE MY ONLY FAMILY LEFT AND I-I don't want to lose you either!" I half yelled half sobbed. "YOUR JUST A SPOILED LITTLE BRAT WHO GOT ALL MUM AND DADS ATTENTION THTS WHY I STARTED TO DRINK BECAUSE I JUST WANTED SOME ATTENTION BUT NO ITS ALL ABOUT KYLIE THIS AND KYLIE THAT NEVER LOUIS BUT FINE IF YOU PROMISE NOT TO BE SELFISH THEN I WILL!!!" Then I broke down and started bawling my eyes out. Why would he say that about me? Am I really that mean and selfish? "JUST SHUT UP YOU STUPID DRUNK!!!" I yelled then ran up to my room. *2hours later* I went downstairs because I started to get hungry and there was a knock at my door. Why is there a police car in my driveway? I thought to myself. "Hello Miss. Tomlinson I have bad news I'm afraid that you brother has got arrested in a car accident he was drunk and high I'm very sorry but the court hearing is on Monday and if you would please come with me so you can talk to him." "Oh I'm going to kill him that's all he does anymore really gets high and drunk back and forth over and over again ITS DRIVING ME CRAAAZZZYYY!!" 

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