What Happened?

Hi I'm Kylie and long story short my brother is the worst brother ever!!! So what is going to happen? Read to find out!!!


2. Louis and Harry

"Harry!" I called "What now Ky?" "Do you know where Lou is?" "Nope! Why?" "He and mum haven't been home in a while!!!! I am getting worried!" "It's ok if you want you can spend the night at my house!" "It's ok Harry thanks though!" "No Ky I'm serious!" "Ok if you insist!" "YES!!!" He yelled. "Okay see you at 7!!!!" "See ya Ky!!!" "Bye!!"  *Time Skip sorry!* I walked up the steps of Harry's house. "Knock Knock!" I yelled "Ky is that you?" "Lou?" "Yes?" "What are you doing here?!" "I'm aloud to be here dummy!!!" "So now I'm a dummy?" "Yes stupid" I said getting kinda angry "also a stupid?!" "Harry!!" "Ky?" "Yes?" I said trying really hard not to explode "What is he doing here?!!?" "I found him drunk!" SO WHAT LOU SHOULD KNIW WHAT TO DO BY NOW HE IS 20 YEARS OLD FOR CYING OUT LOUD! AND WHERE IS MUM SHE WASNT AT HOME!"  "In the hospital." "What!? Why?!" "Drunk driver!" "WHAT! Harry can you show me my room?" I was near tears, I think he could tell "Yeah sure" "Thanks" I pulled out my phone and started texting Harry: ( H=Harry and K=me!)  (K) who was the driver? 

(H) Lou… (K) WHAT IN THE WORLD IM GOING TO KILL HIM!  (H) NO don't! (K) why shouldn't I!!

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