She wolf/adopted by 1direction

Read to find out :) ;P


1. regular day

Emely pov

I was outside the orphanage were I was running I could feel the wind through my fur the only one who knows my secret is my BFF Maciel.Maciel called me inside.I transformed into my human form and I put on my clothes.It was a blue polo shirt with black jeans and blue Jordans.I am 12 years old.Maciel and I have a friendship tatoo on our wrists.I have brownish blackish eyes I have black hair like pure jet black and I have a tanish darkish skin color.maciel and I are Dominican.wats up miss.falconi.i said (that's the name of the orphanage caretaker)"oh nothing dear just reading a book oh and go get dressed in your best clothes"why I said "because a few lads are coming to adopt kids ages 10-14"ok.with that i go dressed in a blue dress with teal high heels on with a teal head band and put my hair in a pony tail.that took me about 20 minutes.when people are coming to adopt I like to dress fancy.I went to maciel's room and saw she put on the same out fit but with pink and purple.come on we have to go down stairs I said and we saw other girls put on jeans and a shirt and boys put on the same thing. Then I asked ms.falconi who was coming to adopted us?She said I think it is 5 lads called 1Direction.I told Maciel and me and her jumped up and down.We are HUGE 1D favorite one is naill and maciel's favorite is zayn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!then they came in.harry looked at the rest at the kids and then when it came to me he went strait to ms.f and said he wanted to adopted me.i screamed inside my head.then they were signing the papers when I was packing.then I heard Maciel scream not a "there's a killer in orphanage scream " it was a happy scream. I ran down stairs and asked wat was wrong and she said that she got adopted by zayn!!!!!then we went to pack. I helped Maciel pack and then we left the orphanged.

An :hey guys wat do u think about it so far leave comments about and sorry I haven't been updating because I do these on my moms boyfriends iPad I haven't seen him in a long time so once again leave a comment about this story

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