5 Boys Adopted Me (Niall Horan FanFiction)

I'm Lizzy DeClare. I'm a athletic person, I love to run, Plays soccer, Skate, and even play rugby. I'm just a normal 17 year old orphan..


5. 4

Elizabeth's P.O.V.

Simon brought me and the other girls into a car. He told us all we gotta do is dress into our fanciest clothes and go to the boys.

"Sounds simple" I said smiling. He returned the smile, but turned into a straight face while looking on the road. The sad part is..

He wasn't driving//

I looked at the other girls, They were getting there make-up on them and fixing there hair while I was in my soccer uniform with my hair up in a ponytail. I admit, A lot of years in soccer, I still don't know how to properly put a ponytail in.

"Hey Kayla, Can you help me with my ponytail?" I asked, She looked at me and shrugged

"Why not?" She said and took out my pony.


After awhile of me saying 'Owch, That hurts. Don't put a braid!' She finally finished. She gave me a mirror and I looked at my hair. It was in a perfect ponytail.

"Your good at this.." I told Kayla and touched my hair

"Thank's, Years of putting on make-up and doing my hair helped." She said like it was nothing.

"Hey Liz, Your phone went off" Jamie said pointing at my soccer bag

"Thanks" I said and pulled out my flip phone

"Ewwww..." The two girls say. I looked at them confused and they pointed at my phone

"Why don't you have my other iPhone 4S okay?" Kayla whispered and have me her phone.

Well, How nice?


Louis' P.O.V.

I was waiting in a room, Harry and Niall have there own rooms to wait for the girls. Hopefully one of them doesn't look like Faith. That would suck. I really miss her... And I really screwed up..

"Stupid Louis, why weren't you thinking?!" I yell to myself


"I can't do this.." I said to her

"Why? C'mon, Faith won't even know.. Plus, I bet I''m better at sex then her." She smirked

"Sex isn't a thing. That's for using people. Love is what I want, and I'll only get it from Faith!" I spat in her face. I grabbed my shoes and coat and headed out the door. I didn't look back, Nor did she say anything else. Her face was probably in shock. I smiled at my awesomeness.

After a 15 minute walk I got to my house door, I opened it and smiled. And my smile turned upside down. There's my wife, With a guy. Kissing..

"F-Faith?" I said. Her eyes were open, Wide open. She was stuck. Anger came over me and I punched the guy, Once I saw him. I was shocked.. It was my best mate.. 

"Josh?" I said 

"Unbelievable, Eh?" A woman voice said. I turned my head.

"You did this didn't you?" I told her

"You shouldn't have left Louis.. Ooh poor Louis. such great sex eh?" She said

"Sex?" Faith said. My eyes widened 

"Yeah, A few minutes ago.. His big dick throbbing.." She said

"Don't believe her! I didn't do that at all! I left, I knew it was bad! I know it would ruin our relationship!" I said pleadingly to Faith

"L-Louis. I'm sorry but.. I cant anymore. To many rumors about you cheating.. I-." She said and ran up stairs, I glared at the woman and ran towards Faith. There she was. Sobbing and packing all her things.

"Faith you gotta trust m-.."

"The trust is gone.. Who was she anyways? What.. Some kind of stuck up bitch that, that tries to ruin everything?! Huh? Tell me Louis! Tell. Me." She said

"She's my ex-girlfriend.. Eleanor Calder.." I said and bowed my head

"Well, I'm taking the kids. We're offically divorced.." She said and packed her suitcase along with the kids.. I didn't do anything to stop it. I just let her go.

*Flashback ended*

I wish I did something.. I wish I didn't let her go..


Aww, Poor Louis and Faith.. :( I'm so sad.. I cried while writing the flashback because I shipped Laith.. or Fouis or whatever you named them together.. So sad.. :(

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