Little White Lies

Marcel is your typical nerd, big glasses, slick greased hair, shirt vest and bow tie, he gets bullied alot because of his appearance, maybe one person can help him ...


4. School

Niall P.O.V

“NIALL …. NIALL ….. NIAAAAALLLLLLL……!” my best friend Louis hollered to me as a peacefully slept in my cocoon of a bed. Today was the first day of my new school, great ... And note the sarcasm, I decided that 10 more minutes wouldn’t harm anyone so I closed my eyes and drifted away into a dreamless slumber again. Quickly to be woken up by Louis grabbing my ankles and physically dragging me out of my bed, as I fell like a rock in a lake to the floor.

“Eurgh what was that for!” I screamed at I rubbed a sore patch on my shoulder.

“Well I called you down for breakfast and you didn’t reply so I came up to find you tranquilly and quietly sleeping and oh no I couldn’t have that so I threw you out of your bed!” he spoke with a cheeky grin on his face like a five year old who had learnt how to ride a bike or flown a kite for the first time.

“Fine, I’m going to get ready now … Louis … can you leave so I can get dressed” I spoke towards the boy standing right in front of me

“Oh haha sure mate sorry ‘bout that!” he quickly spoke and ran out of the room, stupid boy!

I slowly got up and looked in the mirror, I had two whole tattoo sleeves down my arms, a rose tattoo on my neck and some sort of pattern across my shoulder blades, my stomach and chest were bare, and I had smaller tattoos around my ankles. I had two snake bites either side of my lips and two nose piercings. I have a tongue piercing and five eyebrow piercing in my left eyebrow. On my ears I have a medium stretcher on my lobe which at the moment is just black, and many more on my ears.
Yes you may say I look intimidating and scary but really I’m cute and cuddly!

I got dressed into my fitted suit, and you may be think I am a student, oh no, I a teacher, don’t ask how I got the job as a teacher at a secondary school, oh yeah I remember, it’s because I happen to be a know it all in English. The teacher interviewing me seemed a bit wary but WEHEY I got in!

I styled my hair into a perfect quiff before spraying myself with my favourite lynx body spray before jumping down the stairs … literally, I jump down the stairs … I told you I was a kid at heart.

Louis was sitting at the table eating bacon, and yes he does look exactly like me, well not physically, but he does have tattoos and piercings, but not as many as I have!

“OMG guurl quick your ten mins late!” he screamed in a high pitched girly voice, he loves to fool around and make me laugh at the most tiresome times of the day

“OK cya this evening!” I shouted as I grabbed some bacon and an apple and ran out the door with a satchel slung around my shoulder


I arrived at the school and sat I’m my car finishing off this apple, god I don’t want to go in there, but I need the money so I kinda have to. I slipped out of the car and trudged to the main office. Welcome to hell Niall!


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