Little White Lies

Marcel is your typical nerd, big glasses, slick greased hair, shirt vest and bow tie, he gets bullied alot because of his appearance, maybe one person can help him ...


1. Chapter One - Wake up

Marcel P..O.V

*beep* ... *beep* ... *beep* ... my alarm clock sang a six in the morning, great, just great, my first day back at THAT hell-hole most people refer to as school. Today is my first day in sixth form, it is a very weird feeling, i feel so grown up, i have my own unique uniform which i can pick out at my own choice unlike the past 5 years of school where i have had to wear the boring navy uniform with a stupid little tree on the blazer front pocket, stripy shirt, which are SO expensive, our head master insisted to have the stripes woven in, freak ..anyway, i slowly opened my eyes and swiveled out of my bed and reached out for my glasses which i pace on the bridge of my nose and push them up a bit, i squint at the sudden change and immediately get used to it and I quickly smile to myself. I suddenly smell the all to familiar scent of mum baking pancakes and eggs downstairs, she knows me to well!
i clamber out of my bed, and suddenly get head rush, quickly sitting down again, well done Marcel ... smooth, i say to myself and stand up slowly again and stretch, suddenly pooping all of my joints, yuck, i hated that noise, and i get kinda grossed out whilst i start thinking about the science behind popping joints.. well you cant blame me, i am not called a geek and a nerd for the sake of it! I sluggishly walk to my en suite bathroom, yes i do have one of those, my mum is extremely rich and has a really well paid job and my dad has his own business, so we never really see him at home. I opened the door to the small bathroom and lock the door behind me, turning on the shower to just the right temperature. I stripped off my checkered pajama trousers and stepped into the steaming shower. Automatically i started singing, not many people know this about me but i do occasionally sing. I grabbed a hold of my minty hair gel and washed myself with it. 

I climbed out the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist, i looked in the mirror and looked at my almost 6 pack, yes i may be a nerd but i go to the gym every other day. 
I edged out the bathroom and got dressed and slumped downstairs to my mum
"Hey sweetie!" she greeted me as a slipped into my seat at the table in the kitchen,
"Hello mum!" i replied whilst she handed me a plate covered in scrambled eggs and two pancakes which i coated with syrup.

Once i had finished that i went upstairs and finished my business and rushed downstairs screaming to my mum that i was off to school, whilst opening the front door and slipping outside, with my satchel over my shoulder ready to walk to school. 


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