A life within Poetry

I like to write and so after beginning to suffer with depression i began to write poetry to express how i felt and pieces of my daily life.


16. The Mask Of Happiness

I'm ashamed at what has become of myself.

It is my fault that my parents suffer.

It is my fault that things have turned this way.

And it is my fault that now i'm not sure how to be truly happy.

I realized today that i put on a mask I hide beneath it because i don't want friends to worry.

They needn't know that underneath the smile tears are shed and 

underneath the laughter blood is bled by a sharp implement.

They needn't  know that when i leave so does the smile, the happiness and the sanity.

But what can i do? There is nothing to do. I should just keep on playing my role

as a happy person instead so no one else will suffer.

I should keep the mask on and never let anyone see beneath it. 

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