Head over Heels<3



3. What Kind of Tests...


Tony had a movie to watch, sleeping beauty of course. My favorite.

“How did you know that’s my favorite move??”

“Clint told me.”

“Oh well, okay.”

During the movie you two drift off and about an hour later Captain comes in and clears his throat.

“Humm, erhh!”


“Mame may I have a turn?”

“Yes and don’t call me Mame it’s so old sounding!”

“Alright Jay”

“So I was thinking we could go shopping.”

“Okay that sounds fun.”

When we were shopping it was so funny we tried on gangster clothes and hippie clothes it was so awesome!

~back at stark tower~

“Jay Ann I believe it’s my hour now.” bruce banner said to me polietly.

“Yeah okay, what do you want to do?”

“This might sound nerdy but I want to Do some science experiments on you…”

“What kind of experiments…”

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