1D and the MermaID ✔️

18 year old Aqua, is tired of being a mermaid, she wants to walk along the beach holding hands with her true love. When her dad finds out she keeps sneaking out to go out in sea he locks her up in her room. But that doesn't stop aqua she finds away to escape and where do you think she ran away to? She swam to shore and she grew legs there she meet 5 guys. Who..? Well One Direction of course. Who will fall in love with who and will she be able to keep her secret from those 5 boys.



6. Chapter 6


"I was thinking...errr I mean I was wondering if you wanted to.... to go out sometime" I stuttered, ugh great going Harry's she's going to think your weird

She smiled "I'd love to" once she said that I wanted to jump for joy but I didn't want to look like a weirdo. 

We exchanged numbers and I told her if she wanted to hang out Saturday and she nodded. I'm going to take her out, but I still don't know where. 

We said our byes and I went for a hug and she hugged me back, Then she left

I turned around and walked background the boys and I couldn't help the big grin that was on my face. They started cheering and Louis padded my back "that's my boy"

"Let's get going, it's getting late" Liam said we nodded and we turned around, I feel like we're forgetting something though 


"HEY! Lads aren't you forgetting something!" I heard, I turned around and I didn't see anyone 

"DOWN HERE!! IM STILL BURIED!" Zayn shouted 


I couldn't help but laugh and so did the boys, we walked towards him and we unburied him 


Harry's POV:

It's been a week since I saw aqua, all day and everyday she was on my mind. Today was our... date? would you call it that? I hope so..... 

I'm going to pick her up at 7pm then take her to a ice cream parlor and after that I'm going to take her out to the beach, walk around the boardwalk, go on some rides, ya know have fun

I grabbed my towel and made my way to the bathroom to have a shower. I washed my hair and body, soon I was out and I wrapped the towel around my waist and made my way to my room to get ready. 

It's almost time for me to pick up aqua, it's 6:30.

I got dressed and dried my curls, the lads were watching tv or in there rooms except Niall, he was in the kitchen hunting for food 

Time passed and I made my way to the door "I'm leaving guys" I shouted, I heard byes and have fun then I shut the door and made my way to my car 

Her hotel wasn't that far from our hotel so I made it pretty fast. And soon I made my way to her room. 

I looked for her room 5th floor, room 321. I finally found it and I knocked on the door, I heard shuffling and then the door opened revealing aqua standing there, she looked beautiful. 

She was wearing a of the shoulder white shirt with a floral design and denim short shorts and sandals, her hair was down in nice curls.

I smiled "you look beautiful" she blushed and she replied "thank you, you don't look bad your self" 

And with that we made our way down the elevator, to my car.

Aqua's POV: 

I have an hour and 30 minutes before Harry gets here, so I quickly made my way to the tub and got in to take a "shower" if that's how you would call it since I can't fully take a shower since I turn into a mermaid by just a touch of water, all I could do was wash my hair and the top half of my body, after I was done I let the water drain out the tub and I lifted my self out the tub and fell to the floor making a 'thud' noise as I hit the floor

This is such a pain, trying to get out the tub since I have a giant tail, I quickly dried my colorful blue tail with a towel, but I though 'it's going to take forever to dry' so I decided to use my heating powers and soon I was naked on the floor, but dry.

I wrapped a towel around my body and I went to go change, harry is going to be here in a few minutes and I still have to do my hair. I decided to curl it for a change

Soon I was finished and I heard a knock at the door 'Harry's here' I thought. I felt really excited, I wonder where he is going to take me. 

I opened the door and there stood harry, he was wearing a white v-neck and black skinny jeans, his casual outfit
He looked really cute, I couldn't help but smile at him and he was smiling, dimples as all 

"You look beautiful" he complemented me, I smiled then replied "you don't look bad yourself" and soon we made it out the door to the elevator and to Harry's car, it was a nice car. I've never been in a car. I bet you know why, so this is going to be fun, harry doesn't have to know that because he'll think I'm weird or something

He opened the car door for me and I thanked him, what a gentleman. Then he jogged over to the driver side, as he jogged over I couldn't help but look around the car, it was really nice and cool. 

He started the car and backed out the parking lot. "Soo... where we going?" I finally asked 

Harry chuckled "you'll see" I groaned, but in a joking way and he chuckled again "can you give me a hint" I asked, hoping he will say yes

"Fine, it's a parlor. That's all I'm saying" he laughed 

I laughed along, hmmm.... what kind of parlor 

Soon harry pulled up in front of a store I'm guessing the 'parlor' he jogged to my side and he opened the door for me, I thanked him once again, he grabbed my hand, I couldn't help but feel butterfly's in my stomach and a shiver once he grabbed my hand, I smiled "Come on" he said walking "you'll enjoy it" 

I smiled once again and followed him, side by side, hand in hand. I frowned when he let go of my hand, his hand was so soft and warm, it fit perfectly in mine. He opened the door and let me in then he grabbed my hand again

Once I walked inside my smile grew bigger, it was a ice cream parlor. I've never had ice cream and I've always wanted to try it. 

There were cute little tables on each corner and along the windows, then there was a counter top, where you can sit there and eat your ice cream, it was cute little store. I looked at Harry and he was looking at me, he probably thought I looked like some kid in heaven, but I didn't care, it was heaven to me. I just hope the ice cream tastes as good as it looks. 

We ordered our ice cream and we went to go sit down at one of the booths by the window, we started eating the ice cream and let me tell you, it tasted like heaven "you know, this is my fist time trying ice cream" I admitted to harry 

He looked shocked "really, like you've never had ice cream before?" 

I shook my head "yeah, let's just say that my dad wouldn't let me have any" I lied, well kinda.... they don't actually sell ice cream under water sooo... 

Harry looked shocked and shook his head and took another spoonful of his ice cream "I'm glad you brought me here, I'm having a good time" I said and he smiled 

"Me to, and I'm glad I brought you here, so you could try your first ice cream" he said smiling

Time passed by and it was getting a little dark out, we were talking getting to know each other I told everything to harry, leaving out the mermaid parts and just telling him parts of the truth

"Ready for part two" harry asked grabbing his empty cup and getting up 

I grabbed my empty cup and followed him to the trash "part two?" I asked confused 

"Yeah, I'm taking you somewhere else" he said smiling and I returned it and I nodded 
He opened the door for me and we made our way to his car, he opened it for me again nod then he jogged to his side "so are you going to tell me where we're going this time? or is that going to be a secret to" I asked jokingly 

He chuckled and pulled out the drive way "it's a secret" 
I playfully rolled my eyes and shook my head "what about another hint?" I asked 

He shook his head "nope, now that you'll have to see" 


The car ride was fun we kept talking, have small conversations, laughing and joking around, I really like Harry. He's a great guy, he's funny, amazing, very handsome, just everything that I like about a guy, not just any guy... but just him. I've never felt this way about a guy, ever since I first meet harry I couldn't stop thinking about him, I would hope to run into him one day

Harry pulled into a parking lot, this time we both got out the car at the same time, I don't want harry jogging the whole time, harry came around my side and he grabbed my hand, I could get use to holding his hand, I just love the way it feels, I intertwined our finger together and I looked at harry, he had the biggest smile on his face and I know I had one that matched his own. 

Harry brought me to the beach, well the boardwalk. it looked so beautiful at night, the lights shining, different colors from the rides. There wasn't that much people so it wasn't crowded as it is in the mornings, there were so many different stores and a bunch of rides 

Harry took me to where the rides and games were, we played a bunch of games, like where you have to throw a dart and pop the balloons, one with this water gun that you have to aim in the center so you could race and see who would win. And a lot of others

An hour had passed and it was getting dark "do you wanna ride the Ferris wheel?" harry asked and I nodded, then we went to wait in line, there wasn't much of a line and we were next

Harry helped me on and then he sat next to me and put his right hand over my shoulder and I smiled, I really am enjoying this date 

We started going up and the view was breath taking, the moon was out and it was lighting up the sky, you could see the moons reflection in the water and it looked beautiful "beautiful isn't it" is asked harry 

He nodded but didn't answer, I looked at him and he was already looking at me "it's not as beautiful as you" he did staring into my blue eyes, I stared at his beautiful green eyes, you could see the moons reflection in them and I couldn't help but blush at his comment. 

Harry stayed to lean in and so was I, I was staring into his eyes and him into mine. We were so close I could feel his breath on me, our noses were touching, our lips inching towards each other. Suddenly the cart jerked and we stopped, which made us pull apart

The Ferris wheel stopped at the top, I looked down and more people were coming on, I sighed I thought we were stuck up here, I didn't even bring a jacket, but thankfully we weren't. 


Now it was really dark out, it was 10pm and harry won me a stuffed dolphin, I thanked him and hugged him, I really love dolphins

We started walking back to the car and then we drive off back to my hotel


The ride wasn't that long and we made it, harry walked me to my room, I had my dolphin in hand "Thank you for today, I had an amazing day" I said smiling 

Harry nodded "your welcome love, I'm glad I got to spend it with you" 

I kept thinking about the Ferris wheel, if it didn't stop like that it wouldn't have interrupted our kiss, that was going to be my fist kiss and the dang ride had to ruin it. 

As I was in my own thoughts I haven't realized that we were so close to each other and I looked up at harry, he was looking into my eyes, he looked lost in thought. 

Suddenly I had an urge to kiss him and I started to lean in, this time no one or nothing was going to stop us. Harry leaned in and I felt his soft lips on mine, out lips moved in sync, I felt like we were the only ones here, I dropped my dolphin and I wrapped my arms around Harry's neck and harry grabbed onto my waist pulling me closer, closing the gap between us, my hands made there way to his hair, and I started to play with his curls, harry deepened the kiss and he pushed me against the door, he started kissing my jaw down to my neck then back to my lips. Finally we broke the kiss, both of us breathing hard. 

I gave harry a last kiss before saying good bye and making my way into my room, I would invite him in but it's to late and he had to go. I shut my door and I was going to make my way to my bed when i heard a knock on my door, I wonder who that could be 

I opened it and it was harry "you dropped this" he said with a smile 

"Oh, ops thank you" I said and took it from him we said our good byes again and harry gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before he walked down the hallway with a big smile on his face.

I closed the door and leaned against it, I touched my now swollen lips, I wish I could kiss him again, it was the best kiss ever, it was slow and romantic. 

I smiled and made my way to my bed, I took off my clothes and I put on my pajamas and put my phone to charge. I laid down in bed then I heard a vibrate, it was my phone. I grabbed it and checked it 
Goodnight beautiful
        -Harry xo

I smiled and I grabbed my phone and replied 

Goodnight harry 😘 
        -Aqua xo

Then I drifted off into sleep


Dang ride had to ruin the moment haha 
But in the end they got there kiss 
Sorry for the long wait, I had writers block. 
I hope you liked this chapter 

What are your thoughts? did ya like it? 

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