1D and the MermaID ✔️

18 year old Aqua, is tired of being a mermaid, she wants to walk along the beach holding hands with her true love. When her dad finds out she keeps sneaking out to go out in sea he locks her up in her room. But that doesn't stop aqua she finds away to escape and where do you think she ran away to? She swam to shore and she grew legs there she meet 5 guys. Who..? Well One Direction of course. Who will fall in love with who and will she be able to keep her secret from those 5 boys.



4. Chapter 4

Aqua's POV:

It's been a couple of days since I stayed at this hotel and I need to find a job so I can move into my own house and that means I need a lot of money. 

I put on a outfit and walked out my room and walked to the elevator, I pressed the lobby button and waited for me to arrive. 

I left the hotel and started walking looking for stores that were hiring.

I walked into Starbucks and I asked if they were hiring and just my luck they were. 

After a while they interviewed me and I gave them my number so they can call and let me know if I have the job 

I bought myself a phone a few days ago, I'm still learning on how to use it. It's pretty awesome what these things can do. 

I left Starbucks and I decided to go take a swim, I haven't swam in the water since I ran away from home, and man I miss the water it's been calling me for days. 

I walked to the beach and walked under a pier near the water so no one could see me, I dived in the water and seconds later my blue colored tail appeared and I swam into the ocean. 

I swam with the dolphins and did tricks with them and played with them. I decided to swim to the top of the surface and I saw a boat, I couldn't really see who was in it so I swam a bit closer so I could see. 

I saw familiar faces, like the blonde boy and the curly haired boy... umm what were there names again, Liam.... oh wait no umm Niall, yeah that's his name and Harry. 

Then I saw the rest of the guys come out and they were walking to the edge of the boat so I got lower into the water. 

One boy with shirt brown hair, now this is Liam, came with a fishing pole and sat down and threw the line in the water. Harry and another guy, he had light brown hair and he was a bit taller, umm ... Louis I think was his name, walked over to where tree was an opening in the boat. 

I could of sworn there was another guy, I looked around for the missing boy. oh there he is he has black hair and he must be Zayn, he was sitting with Niall 

As I was watching them I heard a splash somewhere else I looked over to where Harry and Louis were and I saw Harry missing, oh no he probably jumped in the water -Splash!- Louis jumped in next I dived in the water and swam away a bit farther so they couldn't see me but I could see them. 

They started swimming around. Well I guess I should go, I don't want to get caught and I feel a bit weird watching them swim.

I took a quick glance at the boys before I swam away.

In a few seconds I arrived at the shore, I poked my head out the water to make sure no one was around so I could get out. 

Someone was walking around talking in their phone then they walked away. I waited a few minutes and then the coast was clear, I dragged myself out the water and I quickly used my powers to dry myself and I appeared in my close I was wearing earlier and I was dry. 

I walked away front the pier and I made it to the beach where there were people. 

I walked back to my hotel room to change into a bathing suit and I walked out and went back to the beach to get my tan on. 


(picture at the side and the bathing suit she wore) 

Harry's POV: 

The lads and I decided to go on a boat ride and then we were going to go to the beach later on.

We got in the boat and Louis, or should I say Captain Lou was driving the boat. 

After a while of driving around in the boat we decided to take a break of driving and Louis stopped the boat and we all went to go have fun and relax. 

Liam got his fishing rod and walked over to one side if the boat and started to fish, Louis and I went to the bottom and we were going to go for a swim while Zayn and Niall stayed and relaxed. 

I jumped in the water first and then Louis followed behind. we were swimming for a while. 

"Lets see who can hold there breath the longest" Louis suggested 

"Ok" I said "ready... set..."

"Go!" we both said and I took a deep breath and dived in the water 

I opened my eyes under water as I was holding my breath, I looked over to my left and I saw a figure, I couldn't really see it well so I started to get Louis attention 

I pointed to the direction and I saw what looked like a tail, it started to swim 

We both swam to the top, I gasped for air as we reached the surface "did you see that!" I said 

"I saw a big tail" Louis replied 

"What If it was a shark!" I said scared 

"Nah if it was a shark it would if came to us, maybe it was a dolphin" Louis said 

"Oh yeah true, I'm going to look again" I said and dove In when I looked where it was I saw that it was gone and all that was left was bubbles where it use to be, I looked to see Louis next to me I gave him a confused look 

It probably got scared or something so it left. 

After a while on the boat we decided to to go to the beach and just hang out


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