1D and the MermaID ✔️

18 year old Aqua, is tired of being a mermaid, she wants to walk along the beach holding hands with her true love. When her dad finds out she keeps sneaking out to go out in sea he locks her up in her room. But that doesn't stop aqua she finds away to escape and where do you think she ran away to? She swam to shore and she grew legs there she meet 5 guys. Who..? Well One Direction of course. Who will fall in love with who and will she be able to keep her secret from those 5 boys.



2. Chapter 2

👑Aqua's Dad POV: 

I can't believe aqua escapes how did she get out of her room most importantly how did she break the bar. That is unbreakable 

It's like she has powers
My eyes widened... No 
She had powers all along and she never told me that's how she broke the bars and the way she swam away so fast. It's like she was a turbo. 

I can't let her get away like that I have to find her. 

🐬Aqua's POV

I kept swimming after I wasn't in reach I slowed down my swimming and then I headed towards the shore

I know my dad and he will look for me and he won't stop until he finds me. He will search the whole sea if he has to but I know a place he wouldn't look and it's up here... At the shore. I have to blend in with everyone else in case he does come looking for me here. 

I'm not going back, I'm staying here. I brought my pearls necklace with me so I can sell it so I can have money. I need a place to stay. 

I may be a mermaid but I'm smart I know what everything is I know I need to have money to survive up here. Other mermaids might not know what all the stuff is called but I do because I go up here so much I started learning things. 

I went to the beach I was at yesterday and I made sure no one was around so I can get out of the water.

The coast was clear and I dragged myself out of the water then with one hand I dried my tail off. It stung a little because it was hot. I would air dry but it will take long and I don't want anyone seeing me. 

Steam was all over the place and then legs appeared where my tail was I got excited and stud up but lost my balance and fell. 

I gotta get use to walking now. Gosh I can't believe I'm walking 

I felt a breeze and I looked down 
Holy mother of pearl! 
I'm naked!
I brought my hair to the front to cover my chest 

I looked around and up ahead I saw someone laying down on the sand and next to them was a towel, 4 more towels. I hope he is sleeping, as I got closer I saw his eyes closed. He had blond hair I looked around to see if he was with anyone else and I saw 4 guys in the water. One of them caught my eye. He had curly hair, he was laughing with his friends, he had a cute smile. It looked like he saw me. 

Omg! I hope he didn't see me. I'm naked. I heard the guy next to me start to wake up and the 4 guys started walking my direction 

I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around me and made a run for it. 
But fail I tripped on my feet and fell on the ground 


"Woah are you ok?" The blonde boy asks

"Ouch, yeah...sorry can I have this towel.." I said I need to come up with an excuse "I.. Ermm.. Someone stole my clothes and I don't have anything on" there that should so do it. 

"Uhh yeah sure" he said 

"Thanks bye" I said trying to get away before the rest is the guys come over here 

As I turned I bumped into a hard chest. I looked up and it was the curly haired boy. 
"Ops sorry, bye" I said as i ran before he could ask any questions 

🍀Niall's POV

I fell asleep on the floor of the beach while the lads went for a swim. Zayn didn't go in much because he can't swim. 

I woke up and saw a girl with blonde hair with blue tips trip 
"Woah are you ok?" I asked 

"Ouch, yeah...sorry can I have this towel.."she stopped then continued "I.. Ermm.. Someone stole my clothes and I don't have anything on" she said 

I didn't even notice till she said that. She was wrapped in Harry's towel 

"Uhh yeah sure" I said 

"Thanks bye" she said quickly trying to get away 
As she turned she bumped into Harry's Chest "Ops sorry, bye" she said before we could say anything 

That was weird. Maybe she was in a hurry for someplace 
Well she is half naked and maybe she didn't want to be around us while she was. 

"Umm.. Why did she just run away with my towel" Harry asked confused 

"Someone stole her clothes and she said she was naked, so I let her take it." I said 

"Hmm.." He said "she was hot?" 

I chuckled "yeah she was"

Louis, Liam and Zayn grabbed there towels and dried themselves off. "Here Harry you could use mine since I didn't get wet."

"Thanks, Niall" he said grabbing the towel and drying off. 

🐬Aqua's POV

Once I got away from them boys I walked around and found a jewelry store. Yay!

I walked in still wrapped in the towel with my pearl necklace in hand. 

"How may I help you" the man asked behind the counter 

"I would like to sell these pearls" I said showing him my pearls

His eyes widened he took out some kind of glasses to inspect it. 

"These are very nice pearls, these are rare.... Triple Strand White Freshwater Pearl" he said examining it then he looked up at me. "Where did you get it?"

"Umm.. Someone gave me it along time ago... So how much would it be if I sold it?" I asked. I really need money if I'm going to be living here 

He thought for a moment then he spoke "these are really valuable and it's a very nice necklace so I would sell it for $799." 

Hmm.. That sounds like its alot. 
Well it's better than nothing 

I nodded letting him know I was going to sell it so he went to the back and he brought an envelope and handed it to me. I looked in it and it was the money. I have to make it last for now. 

"Thanks" he said "come again" 

I nodded and left the shop. Time to get me some clothes because I'm not walking around naked. 

I walked around until I found a store. It was called Hollister so I decided to go check it out. 

I saw a bikini and I grabbed a blue one then I grabbed some umm.. What's it called again.. They go on your feet.. Ah yeah sandals 

I went to the front where someone was handing the person the money so I guess this is where you pay. I waited as the person left and it was my turn. 

"Hello" she greeted 
"Hello" I replied 

She scanned the clothes and then she put them in a bag that said Hollister 

"$59.50" she said 
I took out my money and gave her $60 
She opened the machine and took out money and she handed it to me "$0.05 is your change, do you want the receipt in the bag?" She asked as I took the money "yes please" 

She put it in the bag and handed it to me "have a nice day" she said as I left 

I went to a bathroom and put on the bikini and sandals I put the in the bag. 

(A/N: picture of pearl necklace and her bikini is at the side ---->>>)

I left and I decided to go back to the beach and relax. 

Well that is if I can find my way back. 


Sometime later I found the beach. I listened for the water and I found it. 

What else did I find...

Those guys, they were sitting and laying down talking. 

Well I better go thank them for letting me use there towel and give it back. 

I took a deep breath before I walked towards them. I'm getting the hang of this... Walking, it's fun but tiering. I miss my tail. 

As I was walking the curly haired boy looked at me and smiled so I smiled back. 

Here goes nothing 


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