1D and the MermaID ✔️

18 year old Aqua, is tired of being a mermaid, she wants to walk along the beach holding hands with her true love. When her dad finds out she keeps sneaking out to go out in sea he locks her up in her room. But that doesn't stop aqua she finds away to escape and where do you think she ran away to? She swam to shore and she grew legs there she meet 5 guys. Who..? Well One Direction of course. Who will fall in love with who and will she be able to keep her secret from those 5 boys.



14. Chapter 14

Aqua's POV:


As I was about to take my jacket off to jump in I heard a voice behind me and I froze. I gulped and turned around.

"Niall!" I said out loud just in case Rachel was swimming around. "What are you doing here?"

"I was looking for Rachel, I knocked on the door but no one answered, I figured that no one was home so I was on my way out until I saw you out here." Niall replied "what are you doing out here by the way"

"Oh yeah, you know I just wanted to take a walk" I looked to the water as I spoke, just then I saw a flash of pink in the water

Oh no she's coming back, I can't let him see her

He nodded "where's Rachel?"

"Oh uhhh" I grabbed Niall by the shoulder and turned him away from the water pulling him with me "lets go inside its getting a bit chilly, she might be inside"

Niall looked at me strangely "lets go have a look" he looked back a few times but I pulled him away to the hotel



Rachel's POV:


I decided to get up early and have a swim, I haven't gone swimming in three days and I was starting to miss the feeling of my tail gliding through the water.

Aqua was still sleeping when I left, I didn't want to wake her up, plus I'm only going out for a few minutes and she looks really comfortable.

I put on some sandals and left the room, careful to shut the door and not wake Aqua up. Then I went down the elevator and out the back to where the beach was, I went to the dock and made sure no one was around and dived in

I felt the bubbles around my body and the tingling feeling around my legs where my tail was soon to come.

I could breath and see clearly underwater, I pushed my tail and started swimming around deep into the sea where the fish were and dolphins were playing. I smiled and waved to one, the dolphin squeaked and waved back he looked so cute waving with his small flipper.

I swam towards the dolphin and smiled, he let me touch him and we started swimming together and playing.

I swam around for a bit more, just looking at the colorful coral rocks and beautiful sea shells. I found a colorful sea shell and picked it up, it was beautiful. I'm going to take it with me to show Aqua, I decided to head back to the room before Aqua wakes up and notices me missing

I swam back to the docks, peeked my head out the water making sure the coast was clear when I saw Aqua dragging Niall away from the docks. Niall looked confused, like he knew she was hiding something and kept looking back a few times, Aqua kept turning his face away and started talking but I could hear.

Phew! She must have gotten up early I'm guessing to have a swim as well. I made sure no one was looking and swam to the sand and dragged myself out of the water and started using my heating powers to dry my tail.

I quickly ran to the hotel. I need to make up an excuse, just in case Niall asks where I've been.



Aqua's POV:


Come on Rachel, where are you! 
Niall is starting to notice how nervous I am.

"I'm sure she went for a jog or something, she gets up early in the morning to do her uhh... morning exercises" I said trying to convince him

It looked like he didn't believe me. He was going to speak when the door opened and it was Rachel

Thank god!

She was carrying a bag of Chinese food. "Hey Rachel!" Niall said standing up to go greet her

I stood up as well

"Hey what's up Niall" she said and hugged him

"Ya know, just wanted to stop by" he replied smiling. 'and see you' I thought to my self

"Your just in time for some food" she said smiling, she took out the food and set it on the table.

"Wow, that's a beautiful shell" Niall said picking it up, wow it was beautiful "where did you find it, I've never seen one of these"

She looked nervous, oh gosh I know where she found it. I gulped, "I found it in the..." I gave her a look and shook my head "I found it at the gift shop" she said more like a question

"Yeah, I found it in the gift shop" she said this time more confident

And I let a breath out that I didn't even know I was holding in.

"Wow, it's nice, I've never seen one of them before. I've got to go check them out" he replied

My eyes widened "oh uhh it was the last one" Rachel said

"Oh shame, I wanted to buy one." Niall replied

Rachel smiled "you can have this one, I can always get more" my eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

I glared at her and Niall looked happy and confused "I mean when ever they sell some more, that is"

Niall and Rachel went to go "hang out" I'm calling it a date. I don't know where they went but I hope she has a fun time, and i hope they are no where near water.

In the meantime I'm finally going to go for my swim. 

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