1D and the MermaID ✔️

18 year old Aqua, is tired of being a mermaid, she wants to walk along the beach holding hands with her true love. When her dad finds out she keeps sneaking out to go out in sea he locks her up in her room. But that doesn't stop aqua she finds away to escape and where do you think she ran away to? She swam to shore and she grew legs there she meet 5 guys. Who..? Well One Direction of course. Who will fall in love with who and will she be able to keep her secret from those 5 boys.



12. Chapter 12

Aqua's POV:


"Hey Rachel" i said speaking out of no where, right now Rachel and i are laying down on some rocks -out of view- We came out swiming, just to relax and get out of my apartment, its been two weeks since i found out she was my sister and i totally forgot to ask her a question thats been on my mind since then, i just never asked her because it was never the right time, i was always at work or hanging out with harry and i barley saw her and she's been hanging out with a certain someone by the name, Niall Horan

Those two are so cute together. "Yeah" she spoke, Rachel has really long and curly brown hair and what i like about her hair is that she has electric dark blue highlights that match her tail, its a really pretty color, and she has a light pink seashell for a bra.

(A/N: Picture of her sisters at the top) 

"I never really had the time to ask you this, but do you have any other sibling?" i asked curiously

She turned to look at me and smiled "I have a twin sister" a twin! thats awesome, ive always wanted one, imagine pretending to be the other and fool everyone and get them confused. That would be awesome "but were not identical"

"Oh so you guys are fraternal twins?" i said leaning onto my elbows 

"Yup, although it would be cool if we looked alike" she said smiling

"Ive always wanted a sister" i said, then smiled "and now i do, i have two" we both smiled at each other "What does she look like, whas her name?" i asked really wanting to know

"Her name is Marci and she also has long brown hair like me, i'm the oldest, oh but hers is wavy and she has hazel eyes and i have blue eyes, as you can see" she said laughing and i nodded laughing "She loves to sing and well so do I oh and she has a pink tail" 

"So why are you here and why did Marci stay?" 

"She had to stay to take care of things back home and well i kinda snuck out, once i heard about you i wanted to come and find you. i wanted to meet who this aqua chic was, and now i did and i found out that your my older sister and im really happy i did find you" she said smiling "Well you found me" we both laughed "How weird is that"


"Do you really think my dad is still looking for me after all this time, its been a month its about to be two months next week?" i asked Rachel quietly, Were on a double date, me and harry and her an niall, and they took us to there favorite restaurant and now they took us for dessert, to a frozen yogurt place and they went to go order something for us, we told them to surprise us, so thats what they are doing. 

"Yeah, i still think he is out there looking for you, you know he really loves you, your his only daughter. He's probably so worried about you. Have you ever thought of going back?" she asked getting closer to me making sure no one would hear

I looked around the shop and made sure no one was around "I have, but i cant because he would just lock me into my room again or some other place that i wont be able to get out of, plus if i go back he will start asking me questions on like how i got out and where did i get these powers from and why i havent told him about them. i just dont want to go home to that yet." i said "I also dont want to leave here because... im going to miss it"

"You mean miss harry" rachel said smirking

i smiled "Maybe" just then harry and niall came walking back with two cups in there hands and they set it down in front of us.

"Here you go ladys" harry and niall said at the same time

"Thanks" i replied at the same time Rachel said "thank you guys" 


"Mmmm.. this tastes so good!" i said

"its half chocolate and half cake batter with chocolate toppings" harry said, "its the same as mine because its my favorite" 

"I love chocolate! this is really good" 

"It is" Rachel agreed 

"Yours is half cake batter and half thin mint with chocolate toppings" Niall said "And its the name as mine also cause, well its my favorite" 


After a while there they drove us back to my hotel room and we watched movies and hung out

After an hour they were getting ready to leave. 
"Well thank you for letting us over, we have to get going now" Niall said and Harry nodded 

"Oh wait before we leave, aqua can I talk to you for a sec." Harry said and pulled me over to the balcony, leaving Rachel and Niall to talk 

"What's up" I asked confused 

"I know I probably should of done this earlier but umm.." He said starting to get nervous 

"Hey what's wrong" I asked confused, why is he nervous 

"Nothing wrong, err I just... I'm a little nervous" he said looking out to the dark sky 

"Why are you nervous?" it's not like he's asking me to marry him, haha that would be crazy "just say it, don't be nervous just say it" 

"Ok her goes..." he trailed off, but then he grabbed my hands and looked me in my eyes "would you like to be my girlfriend?" 


I hope you liked this chapter 



im so SORRY! that i havent updated this story in like 2 moths or longer i had the biggest writers block ever! till today i thought of something and decided to finally write, i had the biggest headache while writing and i wanted to quit, i felt like i was going to throw up, lol thats what i get for not updating in for ever lol im sorry, but thanks to @Faded_May_Roses (shes from wattpad) she believed in me and told me to keep going haha so thank you! i love you! <3 and for staying with me while i wrote it lol 

i really tried to make this story as long as i could but im sorry i couldnt

so i hope you guys liked it sorry for any errors and what not, and i also havent updated because my dad took my laptop in the begining of july and i just got it back thanks to my sister cause she needed it for a project for her college class and i swooped in and stole it hahaha, anyways yeah i hope you liked it and im sorry i havent updated in such a long time i feel really bad, i wont be able to update again for a while becaue of the reason why my dad took my laptop which was

ki was always on it reading, watching, and writing on it and not doing what i was suppose to be doing which was look up reasearch for what i am going to study for college which i hae to go and pay for my classes in like two days and i havent decided on what, i was going to go in for criminal justice but my dad kept bugging me on it and asking me a bunch of questions and he got me to talk to one of my moms friends, he is a police and he wanted me to look up stuff about what im going to do and i was getting annoyed and now i dont want to do that so im going to go with my second choice whic is culinary arts. so yeah thats what im going to do.

im so sorry i wrote alot, i just started rambling and what not, this is probably more than what i wrote for the story and im sorry, for the 1,000,000 time. 

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I realized that i mixed up the names from this story and another story im writing, i said her name was jessica, well her name was actually supposed to be Marci, so i changed it, i just wanted to let you guys know. 


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