Breaking bad

Savannah broken, lost and confused. Her boyfriend beats her she has a bad history and then it just gets worse she's troubled he's danger. What could go wrong?


5. Saviour

Chapter 5: saviour

  I woke up the next morning at I have no I idea what time because I didn't have anytime to take my phone or anything for that matter.
   I got up and went into the bath and wash my face. I wanted to go downstairs but the only problem was that I couldn't remember how! I heard voices so I decided to follow them.
   As I got closer I finally found the stairs and realised that the voices were coming from downstairs, one of which was Justin's.

???: he's gonna try get her back you know? 

Justin: the chances of him ever getting her back are very slim. 

???: you think that now bro but he's a bad guy even she can tell you that.

   By this stage I knew they were talking about me and Liam. Phftt Liam try to get me back? Yeah right you'd have to be insane to think that.

 Justin: I never ever letting her go back to him ever! He doesn't even care about her she's just another one of his toys! 

???: ok ok bro quiet down you might wake her

Justin: yeah but I mean it's 12:00

  I thought this was my time to go down. I walked down the stairs as quietly as I could but they had obviously heard me because they stopped talking and turned to look at me creeping down the stairs.

Justin: savannah your up

Savannah: yeah

  I said quietly he came over to me and embraced me in a tight hug but not too tight.

Justin: hey hey it's ok speak up I know your not used to not being yelled at 24/7 but like I promised last night ok?

  He looked straight into my eyes which made my heart melt looking deep into his caramel brown eyes.
  I nodded and we were interrupted my the other guy coughing behind us.

Justin: this is one of my best friends Chaz

  He held out his hand for me to shake it, I looked at it for a minute and then I agreed with myself to shake it.

Chaz: I'm Chaz, Chaz Sommers 

Savanna: I'm savannah

Justin: savannah if your hungry there's cereal and milk in the kitchen.

  I just stood there for a second wondering what to do because I don't know where the kitchen is.

Justin: the kitchen is just down the hall to your left you can't miss it.

 I nodded and made my way towards the kitchen, while my tummy started to grumble.

*justin pov*

I watched savannah walk down the hall to the kitchen where I had put stuff out for her. She was still wearing my shirt, it didn't really cover her ass but she didn't seem to notice I was checking her out as she walked away. I walked with Chaz into my study.

Chaz: dude she's really broken

Justin: yeah I know tell me about it! Everytime someone touches her she flinches, she's ridiculously shy and is completely afraid to talk, it's going to take a lot of work to take her to come around.

Chaz: did you tell her your in a gang?

Justin: no what would I do that, I want her to think I'm sweet

Chaz: the point is justin your not, I've never seen you like this before so it slightly scares me but if you want to earn her trust I'd advice you to tell her the complete and honest truth

Justin: yeah I guess your right

Chaz: well when aren't I?

   That comment really made me laugh, he thinks he's always right ahaha where did he get that from?

Justin: since when were you always right?

Chaz: starting now

  We both laughed, I saw someone at the door, savannah

Justin: well Chaz you better go because I'm taking this lovely lady shopping!

I said while walking over to her taking her hand a twirling her around once. This made her chuckle and that made me happy.

Chaz: alright I'll see you later with the boys! 

Justin: ok man

  We did our handshake thing and then he left. I still had savannahs hand in mine as I was grabbing my keys and leading her out to my car.

Savannah: justin where are we going? 

  She looked at me with those amazing blue eyes and she looked back into mine. I really like her and she should be treated like a princess not like the way that Liam guy treated her she deserves the best not this.

Justin: I'm taking you shopping, you can't wear these everyday.

I said pointing to her clothes she laughed a little

Savannah: yeah I suppose not

   Once we arrived at the mall I brought her to all the shops I thought she would like for example Abercrombie, Hollister, forever 21, juicy and Victoria secret. 
   We had a lot of fun shopping and trying on ugly clothes for fun and stuff but we obviously bought loads of clothed for her because well you know she's gonna need them and plus I'm loaded.
   We both began to get hungry and decided to go to mcdonalds on the way home and we ate inside and talked about our lives, she was beginning to open up a little.

Justin: let's play 20 questions

Savannah: ok you first 

  She was waiting for me to speak as I was thinking of a question.

Justin: you got any siblings?

Savannah: yeah a brother you? 

Justin: a little brother and sister!

Savannah: aw cute where are they?

Justin: well they live with my dad and his wife and my moms single I was told to leave because I was a bad kid but it was for the better. What about you?

Savannah: my brother he um he I don't really know I think he ran away, my dad told me he was kidnapped. 

Justin: oh where are your parents?

  She stopped eating and looked down at her laps and started to fiddle her fingers then I knew it was a touchy subject.

Justin: I'm sorry don't answer that

Savannah: no it's ok you should know I mean you've been so nice the least I could do is answer your question. I was 5 when my mom passed away, she was really ill. After that my dad tried to stay strong which he did until I was 10 and then he started drinking and stuff and he began to hit me and my brother then when I was twelve he began to sexually abuse me and he caused my brother to go into hospital and then once he came home he ran away or was kidnapped as my dad had said. He was two years older than me so now he's 19. I put up with my dad until I was fifteen and then I ran away from canada and I bumped into Liam in new york he took me and and brought me back to his home in LA. He was a really nice sweet guy at the start, then as time went on I was his drug deliverer and then his sex toy and the his punching bag. Then you came along and saved me. 

  Once she said that I was absolutely mind blown, I couldn't believe what my ears were hearing! How could this happen to her, I mean she's sweet, beautiful, delicate and so much more why her? 
  Tears began to fall from her sky blue eyes. I gently wiped them of her cheeks and held her hand that was lying across the table.

Justin: I'm so sorry 

Savannah: hey it's not your fault you saved your my saviour. 

  She half sobbed and half laughed that last sentence. I was so happy I won that poker game I want to show her how she should be treated, not like how she was. 
  Once we finished eating we brought all the shopping bags to the car and drove home. The whole way home I couldn't stop thinking that I had heard a story so similar to that one before but I can't remember where from. 
Oh well at least I'm her saviour and that's who I'd be for the rest of my life.







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