Breaking bad

Savannah broken, lost and confused. Her boyfriend beats her she has a bad history and then it just gets worse she's troubled he's danger. What could go wrong?


7. Oh my god!

Chapter 7: oh my god 

*savannah pov*

   I began to cry as I looked into the eyes I had longed to see for 5 long years now I finally know what happened to my favourite person in the whole world......... My dear sweet brother Ryan.
    He looked at me like I was some stranger to him which made me cry even harder.

Justin: savannah, what's wrong? Are you ok?

  He rushed over to me and put his arm around me. I wiped the tears from my eyes and chuckled a little.

Savannah: I finally found what I've been looking for

Justin: what are you talking about?

Savannah: I guessed I really have changed 

Justin: savi what's up?

  I was completely ignoring all justin had to say. Had I really changed that much that my own brother doesn't even remember me?
   I looked up at ryan, my eyes locking with his. They suddenly started to water and began to walk over to my very slowly.

Ryan: oh my god sav is that you?

   I stood up and met him half way and we pulled each other into a tight hug.

Savannah: I thought you didn't know me

  I managed to say that while I was sobbing aggressively in to his neck, that just made him hold me tighter.

Ryan: savi I could never forget about you your my baby sister, my one and only.

  All the boys in the room gasped as he said that and when we pulled out of the hug all their mouths were hanging open.

Justin: ry this is the one you left behind? 

Ryan: yeah this is my baby sis

   Ryan still had his arm around me, I was so happy to see him but I was angry at him at the same time. 

Justin: you you said that she was capable to handle herself, you said she was safe when we left.

    Ryan awkwardly sat down and rubbed the back of his neck. Justin was slowly walking towards him, he seemed pretty mad.

Ryan: she was safe, she was with my dad

   What a jerk, I can't believe he just said that. He knew it wasn't safe at home. At this point I was post for words so I let justin give out to him because he was ready to burst.

Justin: safe, with your dad is that some kind of sick joke? Huh? Ryan your dad beat her and sexually abused her! It's that what you call safe? 

Ryan: how would you even know why is she even here?

  Ouch ok that hurt. He's not the brother I remember that would take a bullet for me.

Justin: oh I would know because she told me! I can't believe you left her! She could have come with us! But no you didn't even contact her after you left! Let me give you a picture of what her life was like after you left her! Your dad that you said she was safe with beat her everyday, he sexually abused her and tore her down mentally. Then I saw her living with that dude Liam. Do you know what he does to her? Do you? He beat her to! He had sex with her all the time! He yelled horrible things at her, she had to live under his rules and when she came her she was in bits! I'm still mending her! When she first came here every time I touched her she would flinch or shut her eyes! Ever since she came here I would hear her screaming waking up from a nightmare and then herself back to sleep! I haven't said anything because I don't know what to do! She's so fragile and broken and to think to could ever leave her with that son of a bitch you call your dad sickens me! 

   Ryan now had tears flooding his cheeks and so did I. I just stood there slightly shaking. 

Ryan: savi I'm so s-s-sorry.

  He sobbed and stood up and hugged me again. And pulled away and hit the wall, he didn't even flinch in pain.

Ryan: ugh oh my god how could I be so stupid! I knew that was a stupid move! I can't believe I did that! 

  He hit the wall multiple times causing us all to jump. We were all watching him hurt himself over and over again. Then there came a point where I couldn't talk it anymore so I ran over to him and held his arms.

Savannah: stop please, I don't want to see you hurt like I was, please stop.


Ahhhhh omg ryan butlers her brother woah!

I didn't see that coming! 

Hahahah hope you like it I couldn't write really long because I have to study and shiz and  not allowed to go out with my boyf if I don't so yeahh!!! Sorry xox










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