Breaking bad

Savannah broken, lost and confused. Her boyfriend beats her she has a bad history and then it just gets worse she's troubled he's danger. What could go wrong?


3. No please no

Chapter 3: no please no

  I decided not to disturb Liam all day, I didn't want to put him in a bad mood so I just cleaned all day and made sure everything would look nice for tonight. 
   It was 4:36 when Liam finally came out of hibernation. He looked around and then at me.

Liam: you did good babe. 

Savannah: good I want everything to be nice for tonight, just for you

Liam: we need food I'll go and get it I want you to clean the room and get ready by the time I come back

  He was a bit grumpy, you could tell from his voice. I nodded my head and walked towards our room giving him a peck on the lips on my way. He smiled and hit my ass as I continued it hurt but not as bad as tonight would.

 Savannah: bye babe 

He didn't say anything he just left. I was busy tidying the room and once I was finished I decided to get changed. I had to dress slutty so that Liam could show me off as his prize. 
 I hopped in the shower quickly and let the warm water slide down my body and then I quickly popped out. I needed to be ready by the time Liam came back. 
  I grabbed a pair of high waisted ass shorts and a black crop top. I put my hair into loose curls and put on my make up. Just as I finished I heard Liam come through the door I ran out to help him carry in the groceries.
   When he saw me he smirked put down the bags, grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him an kissed me really hard. I had my arms around his neck and after about 6 minutes of making out he pulled away and carried on.

   Liam: you look nice 

  Savannah: thank you babe

  Liam: get all this stuff prepared before every one arrives 

  He gave me a warning look and I went straight to work.  There was so much food he had, chips and salsa, pizza, fries, candy of all types, olives and a lot of vodka and beer.  This was going to be a bad night I can just feel it.
  It was 8:00 and people had started to arrive Liam was already a bit drunk. Once everyone arrived the place stank of drugs and alcohol. I was being a good girl and doing everything Liam said. Then he saw me talking to one of his guests which I was not allowed to do and he got mad really mad. He stormed over to me and slapped me.


 He was punching me and tears were slipping down my face. He kept doing it until one if his guest pulled him away from him. 
  It was a boy that pulled him off me and he was now talking to him and telling him to calm down and to never hit a girl.
  Liam just shook him off me and walked over to Jen and slammed his lips onto hers (did I mention she was here because she is along with her other slutty friends). 
   I got up off the floor and as I did I caught eye contact with the boy for a second and then I walked of into the spare bathroom the one I'm allowed to use.
 I looked at me self in the mirror I was hurt bad I could bruises coming up all over and they really hurt. He didn't hurt me as bad as last time though. I redid my makeup and went out again. 
  I saw Liam looking at me and smirked he was sitting at the table playing poker. I went to get more drinks for everybody. It was the last round. They were looking for a prize until I saw Liam looking at me.

Liam: who ever wins this can have her 
  He said while pointing at me. All the men looked around to look at where he was pointing. They all looked at me and nodded some licked their lips. 
  I was shocked how could Liam do this tears were threatening to fall. It's not like I wanted to stay here but I mean I didn't want to go with these creepers either. 

Liam: ahh SHIT! 

No no no this is not happening he did not just loose this. No please lord no.
  Liam got up and punched the wall leaving a dent he walked up to me kissed me an handed me over. I couldn't even see who it was because of my blurry eye sight due to the tears pouring out of my eyes. 

Savannah: Liam no please Liam no! 

  He couldn't even look at me he seemed angry sad and happy all at the same time. 
  The man I now belongs to grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door. 


  He didn't even turn around. Please lord save me please please! I can't go through this again! 

???: come on I won't hurt you, your safe now.

  That man that was pulling me said raspyly. I still couldn't see who it was so how did I know if I was safe I mean that's what Liam said to me the first time we met but we all know how that went. Soon we were out of the building an the cold night air hit my skin like a thousand knives. I heard a car door open and I was being pushed inside. I sat in and the man put the seatbelt on and closed the door I wiped my tears as the curiosity got too much and I needed to see who's car I was in. My vision was back to normal I was sitting in what seemed to be a black range rover, seconds later the drivers door opened and in came......

Hey guys's!!!! 

Cliff hanger!!! Who was it? 

Did Liam come after her?

Was it someone from her past? 

We will all know in the next chapter mwahahahahah! 
We will all know in the next chapter! 

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