Isn't she lovely

Pacing around in the bathroom staring at the object on the counter, two minutes when by and I walked right up to it, I picked it up with shaky hands

Looking at the object I smiled happy,
excited, but also scared and frightened.


Harry had texted me to go meet him, he had to tell me something very important.

So did I. I hope he will react the same as I when I found out.


8. Chapter 8 - Baby/ Ultrasound


Alli's POV:

I watched Harry's audition last night and he did really amazing, I was surprised by his song choice, kinda went with what is happening right now 

But if only he knew, harry didn't make it to be a solo artist and once I saw that they said no to him I was really shocked and sad, and he looked devastated, I know he wants this really bad

But then they ended up calling him and a group of guys, Simon ended up putting Harry and 4 other boys in a group and Harry looked happy 

I was really happy for him, I'm glad that his dream is finally coming true, I know how much he wanted this, he would sing to me everyday or when we would sleep in the same bed 

I really miss him, I just have a feeling that I won't ever see him again, I know he is going to make it real far, I told him to.

*** Flashback ***

Harry and I were cuddling on the couch in his home and he was singing to me, I had my head on his chest and I could hear his steady heartbeat 

"I love the way you sing harry, you should try out for the Xfactor" I said sitting up so I can look at him

He didn't reply, it looked like he was thinking "I know you will make it, your going to make it real far, your going to have so much fans, they are all going to love you and support you just like I will." 

He smiled "I'll think about it, I love you you know that" he said kissing my forehead 

I nodded "I love you" and I lied back into his chest and he continued to sing to me until we both fell asleep 

*** end of flashback ***


Today I have to work at the bakery , im going to be working with Roy, i'm so glad i have Roy, he's such an amazing friend, hes like a big brother to me. i have to tell him the news soon. He will start to notice, people will start to notice my stomach growing everyday, i made a doctors appointment in two weeks and there going to check me and what not

i walked into the bakery, good thing my apron is big and looks baggy so you cant see my stomach much. i signed in and i saw barbra "Hey barbra" i said smiling

"Alli, hey how are you doing" she replied

"im great, but hey i was thinking... would you like to come with me to the doctors, there going to check me" i said excited

Barbra's eyes lit up, she had the biggest smile on her face "of course! i'd love to go, when is the appointment?"

"its in two weeks, thats why i came to give you a heads up, and so i dont miss work" i told her, she nodded and then i went to go work

Customers came in and out, they bought there pastries and left or they sat down and ate there, i swept the floor and Roy cleaned the counters


**** Two weeks later ****


 I drove to the bakery so i can pick up Barbra so she could come with me to the doctors, i walked into the bakery, i was wearing a really baggie hoodie, it was harry's actually, he left it at my house and he never got it back i guess he forgot about it, like he forgot about me. Since he left he never called or texted, i know were broken up but i still wanted to know how he was 

my stomach wasn't noticeable yet, but i didn't want anyone to notice yet, i went around the back because i didn't want anyone to see me and start asking me questions, "Barbra, ya ready?" i asked her when i walked into her office

"Yup, let me grab my coat and well be off" she said as she walked to her coat rack and put it on. "lets go" she said

We made our way out the back door and she followed me to the car, she got in the passengers seat and i sat in the drivers seat.

after almost an hour of driving we finally arrived "sorry for the long drive" i said to Barbra

"its alright alli, i dont mind" she replied with a smile

i smiled back "alright let go in" we opened our doors and stepped out and we made our way into the doctors, i signed in and they said they will call me when the doctor is ready

a few minutes passed and they finally called me, that was fast I thought it was going to take hours "this way" the doctor said leading us to a room, the room was small but not to small, there was a chair in a corner, then there was a monitor in the middle of the room and a laying table next to it, cabinets on the other side of the room, the walls were plain, a tan color and the lights were dim. 

"hello, i'm Dr. Moore" she said sticking out her hand to us and we both shook it and we introduced our selves "you can lay down there and Barbra you can sit down" Dr. Moore said pointing to the chair in the corner

i laid down while the doctor prepared the things, she asked me a couple of questions and then she was going to start the ultrasound. She lifted up my shirt "This is going to be hot" she said referring to the jell, she applied the jell around my belly and she started moving the transducer probe (don't know if that's what its called i googled it lol) around my stomach, the jell felt good, it was nice and warm against my skin as she was moving it around it kinda tickled

"Alright Barbra you can come look" Dr. Moore said and Barbra stood up and smiled

"the baby is still small, but you can see the face here, there is the eyes and the lips and his or her nose" she said showing us on the monitor, i felt so happy you could see my son/ daughters face 

Dr. Moore showed us the heartbeat and it was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. 

when she was done she gave me a damp rag and i wiped the jell of my belly, she even gave me and Barbra pictures of my ultrasound 

I had to make another appointment for another 3 weeks, once i did that we left to go eat 'cuz i was starving

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