Isn't she lovely

Pacing around in the bathroom staring at the object on the counter, two minutes when by and I walked right up to it, I picked it up with shaky hands

Looking at the object I smiled happy,
excited, but also scared and frightened.


Harry had texted me to go meet him, he had to tell me something very important.

So did I. I hope he will react the same as I when I found out.


5. Chapter 5 - Moving

Allison's POV:

I grabbed my suitcase and set it on my bed, i walked to my wardrobe and started grabing clothes and shoving it into the suitcase.

I'm moving out to a new house, my dad kicked me out once he found out that I'm pregnant and my mom lives in new jersey, 

I would go move with her but I want to stay here in London, and I don't have that much money to get a plane ticket. i was actually thinking about moving with my mom but like I said I don't have a lot of money to go. 

So now I have to go back to the bakery and hope to god that they will let me have the job back. I have to explain to Barbra the reason why I wanted to leave and hopefully she will understand. 

I just hope she doesn't judge me, or think if me any different. I would hate it If she did. I love Barbra she is like another mother to me, well a grandmother. 

Luckily I have been saving money from my job, and I have enough to buy a small house for a while until I find another place and get more money 

My dad isn't here at the moment, thank goodness, last night when I told him he was so furious he told me he wanted me out of the house by today, so that's why I'm packing to leave before he gets here. 


Sometime later when I finally finished taking down pictures and packing away books and decorations. I went outside where the movers truck outside and put all my things in while the men out the rest of my things in the truck. 

When I arrived at the small house the mover guys helped me put my things in and they left. 

The house came with a little bit of furniture. There was a couch so I could sleep there while I finish putting things away tomorrow because right now I am really tired and hungry. 

I grabbed my keys and went to my car i checked the time on the car, 5:03pm 

Wow I spent all day unpacking. I still need to buy paint for my room and the other rooms. This is going to be so hard to paint all alone. 

I decided to go out to a burger place since I was craving some. I parked my car in the parking lot, then I got out and walked towards the doors and opened it. 

I ordered my burger with fries and a chocolate smoothie and I went to sit down at a table. 

Grabbed my trash and threw it away, then i made my way to my car and drove to my new home.

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