Isn't she lovely

Pacing around in the bathroom staring at the object on the counter, two minutes when by and I walked right up to it, I picked it up with shaky hands

Looking at the object I smiled happy,
excited, but also scared and frightened.


Harry had texted me to go meet him, he had to tell me something very important.

So did I. I hope he will react the same as I when I found out.


18. Chapter 18 - He Knows



Alli's POV:



"Allison" Harry spoke after a few minutes of silence


i felt jenny jumping for joy in my hand, why because her father, - that she doesn't know about- 1/5 of her favorite band members is standing right in front of her once again. i just pray to god that she doesn't say it.


I act like i get a text and pull out my phone, it's almost 3. I text Roy


OMG Roy he's here, I saw him!



how do i get out of this


i clear my throat "Hey harry"


"How have you been" he asks then his eyes travel down to the little girl jumping for joy and smiles


before i reply jenny speaks "Harry! Do you remember me, you took a picture with me yesterday at the party" Crap Crap crap!! hes one step closer to finding out the truth, Roy told me what happened yesterday when he thought she was Roy's daughter, i'm so glad Roy said she was his niece


"of course i do love" he replied smiling


"i'm jenny!" she said introducing herself, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket


"Hello jenny" Harry's said, he was going to say something else but i interrupted him


"Come on jenny its time for us to go, i left the kart on the other side, its getting late" i said picking her up "Say bye"


"bye Harry, bye nice lady" jenny says waving


"Uhh, it was nice seeing you two" i said then i start walking away before harry says anything


"I cant believe i saw harry again" jenny says excited "Mum, how do you know the lady" she asked


"That's harry's sister Gemma, she is mummy's old friend" i replied


"so you know harry to" she asked


"Uhh... yes he use to be a really good friend of mine" your father, I say to my self


I found the kart and decided that i had enough of food shopping.




Harry's POV:




Once i was done using the bathroom, i was looking for Gemma. We came to buy food since the lads stayed over and someone, that goes by the name Niall ate all the food


I went in one isle and they had cups with our faces on them, i laughed and grabbed on to show gemma. Where is she anyway


i walked through the isles and called her, then i found her in an isle "Gemma, oh there you are, Look what i found" i said chuckling as i held the cup in my hand, she was talking with someone i didn't pay attention to but once she turned around i was shocked


i didn't expect to see her here, or ever actually "Allison"


she stood there, nervous. She pulled out her phone, texted someone then she spoke "Hey harry"


"How have you been" i asked her, then i look at the little girl bouncing up and down in her hand, she looks familiar


"Harry! Do you remember me, you took a picture with me yesterday at the party" the little girl with loose curls said before Allison can reply, then i remembered her from the party with Roy


" Of course i do love" i said smiling, I wonder what she's doing here with allison, probably babysitting.


I remember when she use to babysit all the time when we were together.


"i'm jenny" she introduces herself again


"Hello jenny" i say then i was going to say something else when Allison speaks


"Come on jenny its time for us to go, i left the kart on the other side, its getting late" Allison said picking her up "Say bye"


"Bye Harry, Bye nice lady" jenny says waving to us


"uhh it was nice seeing you two" Allison said and walked off before i could say bye


I watched them walk off when i heard the word 'mum' at first i was confused but then i realized, Jenny is Allison's daughter, then i remembered what roy said, "No she's my niece"


Now that i think about it, Roy seemed a little off yesterday, so he knew that was Allison's daughter, why didn't he tell me? she was there? why didn't i see her? Roy was in a rush to leave yesterday now that i think about it, and i didn't see him after


i looked at gemma and she looked worried, she was lost in thought. it looked like she was debating on something and she wasn't sure on what to do.


"Gemma" i said bringing her out of her thoughts "I can see the smoke coming out of your ears" i joked "Haha, i'm joking, but seriously are you ok? you look like your thinking to hard"


she shakes her head "Huh?" then she laughs "oh no I'm fine really, lets go before were late" gemma said. I feel like she isn't telling me something.


I still cant get Allison out of my head, she has gotten more beautiful since the last time i seen her which was like three years ago


i cant believe she moved on and had a daughter, i wonder how old she is


"Hey gemma" i said as we walked out the building


"Yeah" she asked


"How old do you think her daughter is" i asked and she froze in place


"about three years old" she said, her voice coming out a bit shaky, then she kept walking towards the car


i frowned, why did she get so nervous all of a sudden,


Did she just say three years old? it cant be a coincidence can it?


This time i stopped walking and it suddenly hit me "She's......"


Gemma turned around and she looked at me, as if she was waiting for me to put the pieces together. The look she gave me confirmed my thoughts


"No, she can't.... she would of told me" i said


Gemma looked at the ground "Its true harry, she's your daughter"


suddenly i felt like the air was knocked out of me




I was in the living room, sitting at the edge of the couch with my elbows resting on my knees and my hands between my face "You should of seen her louis, she didnt even tell me. She just left with out even telling me, i had to figure it all out by myself"


"Are you sure she's your daughter" louis asked


"What" i said "what are you saying"


"That she might not be yours" louis said


"Are you saying that she cheated on me" i said harshly


"No mate, he's just saying maybe she moved on quickly" niall said


"You guys are idiots, she looks just like harry and alli would never cheat on harry" Gemma said


"Why wouldnt she tell me? or at least you guys?" i asked to no in particular


"Roy knew this entire time and he never said anything, why wouldnt he tell me?"


"Well alli probably told him not to say anything?" liam said


"Yeah but still"


"I'm going to see him in a few days anyway, ill ask him about it" i said


The rest of the day the lads spent trying to change the subject and cheer me up, gemma made some popcorn and we watched movies, but i couldnt focus


All I thought about was that I have a daughter









harry knows!!! :O


Sorry for any errors or if it was short and sucked.


Please check out my other story's and comment what ya think. I'm running low on ideas lol so it's going to take me a while to update.

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