Isn't she lovely

Pacing around in the bathroom staring at the object on the counter, two minutes when by and I walked right up to it, I picked it up with shaky hands

Looking at the object I smiled happy,
excited, but also scared and frightened.


Harry had texted me to go meet him, he had to tell me something very important.

So did I. I hope he will react the same as I when I found out.


16. Chapter 16 - Party Time

Alli's POV:

Today is the party/surprise- they are having at the daycare, I was getting ready while jenny watched tv

I invited Roy and Jessica, Jessica was pregnant, she was 5 months already. When I found out I was shocked but also happy for them, especially Roy. He's going to be a great father, I know for sure because he did an amazing job helping me with jenny. He loves jenny as if she was his own

I slipped on jenny's little pink dress, it was puffy and had little ruffles at the bottom, then i brushed her curls and put them in pig tails and added little bows, she looked so cute

Once I was dressed, i grabbed jenny's bag, i filled it with her favorite snacks and juice and extra clothes, oh i cant forget her favorite teddy bear, she carrys that bear every where she goes and she doesnt leave with out it.

One time she made me go all the way back home just to get it and we were half way close to the day care, so now that i leave i know to grab it so she doesnt cry.

Once jenny was strapped in her car seat I sat on the drivers seat and started the car then I made my way to Roy's house to pick him and Jessica up so they can come with me to the party.

A few minutes later I arrived to his house and I texted him I was there and he walked out holding Jessica's hand walking slowly for her.

Oh man I remember having to go through that. I had to walk real slow and I would always get tired easily. Pretty soon she's going to start wobbling like a penguin.

"Hey guys" I said once they were in the car "ready to go"

Jessica sat in the passengers seat and Roy sat in the back with jenny, jenny was showing Roy a new book she got

They nodded and I drove off to the day care. "Wow I can't believe your 5 months already" I said

"I know I'm getting really big" Jessica replied

"I'm telling you, shes having twins, look at how big her stomach is" Roy joked

I laughed "she probably is, your stomach is bigger than mine when I was pregnant."

"just imagine having two little Roy's running around or even two Jessica's" I joked

"Oh gosh, one Roy is enough" Jessica joked and we laughed


We've been here for twenty minutes talking to the guests and playing with the kids while they set up and got ready for the surprise.

Jenny ran off to play with her daycare friends while I stayed as chatted with Roy, Jessica and a few other parents.

Five minutes later Mel was on the stage they had installed for the day, is there going to be some kind of show or something "welcome everyone, thank you for coming I'm so sorry for the long wait, technical difficulty's" she laughed "we are all set for the show, Enjoy"

It was really crowded, I'm surprised that a lot of people showed up. We were seated all the way in the back, almost towards the middle of the room, so we got a pretty good view. The lights dimmed

'Where's jenny?' I thought, "I'll be back I'm going to get jenny" I said to Roy

I walked towards the back out the room and saw jenny playing with blocks

"Hey, what are you guys doing? your going to miss the show" I said to jenny and her friend "c'mon let's go watch"

I held Jenny's hand in one hand and Stacy's hand in the other and we wakes towards the room where the show was

Then I heard a familiar tune, jenny gasped when she realized who it was.

It was dark in the room, the only light there was, was on the stage and you could see the band on stage playing there song 'what makes you beautiful'

I felt Jenny's hand slip out of my hand and she ran to the front, Stacy following along. I called there names but it was to loud.

I can't believe this is happening, I stood frozen in place with my mouth open. I felt my heart pounding in my chest. I never thought I would see him again, it's been three years without seeing him why is this happening now?

I sat in my seat, Roy and Jessica looked surprised as well. I'm scared I don't want to see harry, well I do I missed him so much I just don't want him to see me, what if he sees jenny what is he going to say? what will he do?

A few songs later, they were singing 'gotta be you' I got up to get fresh air, its really hot in here. "I'll be back" I said

Then I made my way through the crowd and towards the back doors for some fresh air.

Roy's POV:

I was so surprised to see harry and the lads here. I didn't expect that, though I kinda had a feeling this was bound to happen, Alli and harry seeing each other again. But not like this, I was thinking more at the supermarket or something, like they would casually bump into each other.

I was happy to see harry, I haven't seen him in three years, I would skype with harry every once in a while but then he started getting busy an we stopped skyping and texting and he never called me back, we just lost touch I guess , now that he's a famous pop star, he's really changed, he got tattoos everywhere.

'Cause it's gotta be you

It's gotta be you

Only you

Only you

It’s gotta be you

Only you

It’s got to be you

(Oh) Only you

Alli left just as they were finishing there song, She looked like she was about to pass out, she probably went to get some fresh air.

Once one direction were done singing they got off stage to go greet everyone and say hi to the kids and take pictures.

There were a bunch of people crowded around the lads, alli texted me if I could find jenny, so that's what I was doing

I was looking for jenny shoving past the crowd, then I saw her "jenny, there you are! I've been looking for you"

"Roy!!" she jumped up and down excited "one direction are here!! I'm so happy!" she exclaimed happily

Just as I was going to tell her to come with me she gasped and ran past me, I turned around to see where she ran, I gulped once I saw who she was hugging "HARRY!" she yelled

Oh no

Shoot, What do I do! What do I do?

"Hey there cutie, what's your name?" he asked

Oh gosh, I'll just go over there and interrupt them and say it's time for her to leave, yeah that's what I'll do, I might as well at hi to him to.

"Jenny, there you are" I said pretending that I found her again.

Harry looked up "Roy?" he asked

"Harry hey" I said, he smiled

"Hey how are you doing" he said and gave me a hug

"Great, what about you" I replied

"I'm great" he said then jenny pulled on Harry's shirt "oh right" he said remembering about her "would you like a picture"

She nodded excited and I took a picture of them together with my phone, I guess I'll send this to alli later

He also have her a autographed paper with all there names on it.

"Come on and meet the rest of the lads, for real this time and not over skype" harry said chuckling

I chuckled and took jenny with me, he presented them to us and jenny got more pictures and autographed posters and gifts.

"Alright jenny, it's time to go, Mum is waiting" I said towards her and she whined

"I don't wanna go" she replied pouting

Harry looked confused or curious, then he spoke "is she your..." I caught on to what he was trying to say so I interrupted him

"no she's my niece" I replied

"Oh" he chuckled

Just then Jessica came to my side "Roy, jenny time to go" she said then gave me a 'Alli's waiting' look

"Oh right, this is Jessica my girlfriend" I said introducing them "Jessica this is harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn"

They exchanged hellos then harry spoke, he looked surprised and happy at the same time "Roy! your going to be a father! congratulations, to both of you" then he gave me a hug

"Congratulations" the rest said at the same time

"Thank you" Jess and I said at the same time

"How many months are you" Louis asked

"I'm five months" Jessica replied

"Wow, your stomach is getting real big" he said

After a few more minutes of talking I told them we had to get going

"Bye Roy, I was glad to see you" harry said "maybe we can hang out sometime"

"Bye harry and yes when ever your free" I replied "bye guys nice to finally meet you in person" I said to the rest of the lads

"Bye, you to" they said

"Bye harry, bye Louis, bye Liam, bye Niall, bye Zayn" jenny said waving bye, I picked her up

"Maybe I can stop by your house sometime" harry said and I nodded and he smiled and then we left


Alli's POV:

I was outside the whole time, I was to nervous to go back in there. so I texted Roy to see if he could find jenny for me and after a while he came out with jenny in his hands, she looked excited

She said she was happy she got to meet harry and the boys and how she took pictures, which Roy sent to me, and she got signed posters and pictures and gifts.

I didn't want jenny to meet harry like this, I wanted to tell harry, I've been trying to tell him.

Once we got in the car jenny fell asleep once she was In her seat, she must of been exhausted.

I laid her down in her crib, I dropped Roy and Jessica at there house then came straight home.

We've been at that party all day and I was pretty tired as well. I took a quick shower then went to bed, I have to get up early I'm going to visit Barbra at the bakery then I have to do food shopping.


Hey guys sorry for not updating in a while. Like I said in my other story, I won't be able to update that often because I have physical therapy every other day and my wifi was shut off yesterday so I can't use my laptop or iPod. And my phone goes really slow with out the wifi, I'll try to update again soon when I get a chance.

I hope you liked this chapter tell me what you thought, check out my new story's and my old story's

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