8. Chapter 8

Amanda's POV:

Today is Friday, which means it's the masquerade ball, which means I'm not going to it, which means I'll be home alone

And I'll be stuck cleaning, that will take all day and no way of me going to the ball

I watched the clock and wait for it to turn 2pm, just 5 more seconds and school is out and you know what that means....

Cleaning the entire house all by my self, YAY! not, why did Carmen have to fire the maid, if she wouldn't have fired her I wouldn't be stuck doing this.

But things just don't work out the way you want them to. As I grabbed my books and bag I walked out the class and tried to make it to my locker with out bumping into all these people.

I finally made it to my locker and I put my books away and grabbed other books I needed for homework, just then I heard someone call my name right before I walked away

I turned to see who it was and saw that it was Liam "Amanda! hey"

"Oh hey Liam" I said forcing a smile

"What's wrong"

"Huh? oh nothing" I replied "why?"

"You just seem down" he replied "you can tell me if you'd like"

"Well" should I tell him?

He nodded so I could continue

"It's just-" I was cut off by someone shouting

"Liam let's go bro!" someone yelled from across the hall

"One second" he yelled then looked at me so I could continue

"I don't know if I can make it to the masquerade ball" I replied

"Oh, do you need a ride? I could pick you up?" he said

"It's not that I don't have a ride, I just won't be able to make it becau-" once again I was cut off by the same guy, this time he was next to Liam and I

"Dude let's go, Louis is waiting in the car" he said and grabbed Liam by the arm and pulled him away

"Huh? wait" he said to him and looked at me as he was being pulled away

Ahhh!!! I just wanna scream right now.

I shut my locker door and walked out the doors and towards my car


I haven't seen Chloe or Alyssa since lunch time. They usually wait for me outside by the parking lot but they weren't there

They probably left early to get ready for the ball.

Ugh I really don't like Carmen right now

Speaking of the devil, she walked in the living room with her driver, Pablo carrying two suit cases and I believe that is her make up bag under his right arm.

"Your only leaving for one day, why do you have two suitcases" I told her

"So... I have my shoes in one and different outfits in the others, you know just in case I wanna change outfits" she replied "and well my makeup"


"Anyway, don't forget to finish all your chores" Carmen said, how can I forget when there is a huge list to do

"don't bother to call me, I'm going to be relaxing" she replied and smiled then she let out a breath "spa here I come"

"Come on Pablo" she said then left the house as Pablo struggled to carry both bags and her makeup bag under his arm while closing the door

"Here I got that" I said and closed the door, poor thing, he looks like he is carrying two bags of rocks

Ahh now to get started on the list

Just then I heard the door bell ring, ugh what did she forget now

I opened the door and Alyssa and Chloe were standing there

"What are you guys doing here? shouldn't you be getting ready for the ball, it's going to start soon" i said glancing at the clock on the wall

"We came to help you clean" Chloe said smiling

"Thanks girls but you girls should just leave and get ready for the ball, even if it's us three cleaning we won't finish in time" I replied

"That's why we brought help" Alyssa said and moved aside

Suddenly there was a group of people standing behind her holding mops, brooms and other cleaning supplies

I smiled "what!"

"We called in for some help" Alyssa said

"What how?!?" I asked surprised, I stepped aside as the people walked in and they started cleaning

"I know the guy, and let's just say he owed me a favor" Chloe replied

"Oh my gosh!" I yelled "thank you girls! I love you guys so much" then I gave them both hugs

"Let's go" Alyssa said

"What? were going to leave them there alone?" I replied

"Yeah, I promise they won't steal anything. They are really good, plus they will be gone once they finish"

"Yeah so by the time we get home they will be gone" Chloe added "now let's go" they both grabbed my arm and pulled me with them to the car


We all got ready at Alyssa's house, since that's where my dress, mask and heels were. I really love my dress it's really beautiful and the mask is really nice to it was white and had feathers on it. My heels were also white and on the back of the heel it had silver rhinestones

My dress was really long and had ruffles at the bottom and the top had rhinestones, it looked really beautiful. With the help of the girls I got in the dress and Chloe zipped me up, then I put my shoes on and Alyssa did my hair in a nice updo. I helped the girls with there dresses and they helped with the makeup.

PICTURE (of her dress, shoes and mask) -->>  

Once we were finally done with everything we were ready to leave and let me tell you, we all looked beautiful.



i just wanted to say sorry for not posting any of my other stories, i feel really bad, i just havent had the time to post or write. with work and college, i have a ton of homework and i havent done any of them, i have to do 2 essays one of them was already due and the other one is due december 3 and im now starting it, plus my semester is almost over so i have to do all this homework before it ends and i dont want to fail any of my classes. 

so im going to leave you guys with this and until next time, see ya! :)

please comment and tell me what ya think and let me know what other story you want me to update and ill try to update it. 

please check out my other storys and my new one "Stockholm Syndrome" :) thanks love ya guys



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