7. Chapter 7


Amanda's POV:



"I can't believe she isn't letting me go!" I told Chloe and Alyssa angrily. Tomorrow is the masquerade ball, I bought that dress for nothing. "I knew she was going to do something like this" I mumbled under my breath


"Aww to bad" I heard a voice behind me, I turned around and it was Kate, great


"I was really looking forward seeing what other dress you found, you know that pink dress is really beautiful," she said talking about the one she took from me at the shop "to bad it was the only one, now you won't be able to see how great it looks on me." She said laughing, just then viola walked up "hey" she said greeting Kate "I'm ready, let's go"


Then she turned towards me "see ya later" then she walked away with Kate and two other girls, Kate looked my way one last time and smirked then did a little wave then she walked out the cafeteria doors.


The entire time Kate was here I was glaring at her. Just then I saw Liam walking by with his tray of food and Zayn and Harry walking beside him. "Hey Amanda" Liam said smiling towards me


"Hey Liam" I smiled


"So you girls going to the ball?" Harry asked


Before I could answer Alyssa and Chloe both spoke "yeah"


"I'll see you at the ball" Harry said towards Chloe and she smiled "yes" then Harry started walking towards his lunch table where Louis and Niall were waiting


"Awesome, so I'll see you at the ball" Liam said


"Actu-" Alyssa cut me off


"Yes you will see all of us there" I turned towards her and glared at her


"Cool" he replied


"Come find me" Zayn said with a wink, we all know who that was meant for, Alyssa


I looked at her and she started blushing and nodded


Once they left I let my head drop on the table "now what am I going to do" I said but in came out as a mumble since my head was against the table


"We'll figure out a way to get you to that ball" Alyssa said and Chloe nodded


"Yeah, just leave it all to me" Alyssa said


I groaned, what has she got me into


"Now Liam thinks I'm going, what if he really meant that he wanted to see me, he's probably going to look everywhere and I won't even be there" I groaned, he finally starts to notice me and now I won't have a chance




"Amanda!" Carmen called from the living room, I put the knife down and made my way to her


What does she want now


"I won't be here tomorrow, I'm going out for a spa day with my girlfriends and were staying at a fancy hotel" she said excited


"Okay?" I said waiting for her to tell me what ever she needed


"So since I'm not going to be here tomorrow to make the list I made it now" she said ripping it from the notepad and handed it to me


"This is all you have to do." she said "and I've been thinking about what you said yesterday, about letting you go to the ball"


I smiled, is she finally letting me go?




"Well I've made a decision" she got up from the couch and stood In from of me, I nodded for her to continue "you can go if you finish all your chores" then she left


I smiled, but then I frowned when I saw the list of chores I had


To Do List:

• Wash dishes

• Vacuum

• Sweep

• Mop

• Walk the dog

• Clean the bathroom *all 3*

• Do the laundry

• Clean pool

• Clean out my closet

• Clean out the dog's house


I swear she is doing this on purpose, this is going to take me all day, there is no way I can finish this before the ball


I huffed in frustration and shoved the paper in my pocket then walked back into the kitchen to continue making dinner


Once dinner was over and I finished washing the dishes I called Chloe and Alyssa




Sorry if it was short. I hope you like this chapter :)


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