5. Chapter 5


Amanda's POV:


One more week until the masquerade ball and I still haven't found my dress/ costume. Alyssa and I are going to go to the store today and try to find a dress for the masquerade.


Right now Alyssa and I are walking to lunch, we met each other at my locker before we made our way to lunch.


"Alright so i'll pick you up at 6" Alyssa said


I nodded "Yeah, but i'll see if i can because Carmen might not let me out if i don't finish my chores" i said frowning


We walked in the cafeteria and made our way to our table and set our bags down and grabbed our ID's and money for lunch


I grabbed an orange and orange juice then i moved up in line and asked for a slice of pizza, i set the orange and orange juice on the tray and scanned my card on the machine then i waited for Alyssa to finish getting her food.


We walked to the table and Chloe was there "Hey Chloe" Alyssa and I said greeting her


"Hey Alyssa, Hey Amanda" Chloe said pulling out her lunch, she doesn't eat school lunch, well sometimes she does.


We sat there eating our lunch and talking about random things, to the masquerade ball, to boys and speaking of boys Liam and his friends, Zayn, Niall, Harry and Louis walking next to each other, they are all so cute. But as you know i like liam the most, he is just so charming and cute and handsome and-


"Amanda! close your mouth before you drool" Chloe joked


i snapped out of my mouth and laughed "You shouldn't be talking, you drool over harry all the time"


she blushed "Because he is just perfect! look at those curls and his eyes are just.. UGH! and the way you could see his abs though his shirt and his legs, oh don't get me started on his legs" she said laughing


"You girls sound like fan girls" Alyssa laughed


Chloe and I looked at her at the same time and we raised our eyebrows as if we were saying 'really' we both said "Zayn" and she started blushing


"Yeah, you know you do it to" Chloe said


and alyssa laughed "Zayn is just so handsome, look at his face! and his hair and his golden brown eyes are just beautiful"


"Ok we really need to stop, someone might hear us and they will think were weirdo's" i said laughing




"How about this dress" Alyssa asked showing us the dress, it was beautiful and red, it was long and wavy


"Yes! That is perfect, get it!" Chloe and I said at the same time.


"Go try it on" I said, she left to the dressing room while chloe and I looked for our dress.


We were in a costume shop called 'Kathy's costumes', I use to come here with my dad for halloween. I knew Kathy, she was a really good friend of my dad's.

(A/N: I made up that name haha)



"What do you think?" Chloe and I both turned around to look at her.


Both of our jaws dropped "yes" chloe screamed


"Perfect!" I yelled "you look beautiful"


Alyssa blushed "I know!" then she started laughing "just kidding, thank you, I think this is the one!" she left to get out of it


Chloe ended up finding a dress and it looked beautiful on her as well. Now it was my turn. I walked around the store looking Alyssa and chloe helped me find one. Then I saw it


It was the only one, it was pink and puffed out, it had gems across the top and it had ruffles towards the middle. I walked up to it and ran a hand along the fabrics it was so soft.


(Pic of dress --->)


The door bell rang signaling a customer came in but I didn't bother to look, was to distracted by the dress


I took it off the rack as brought it to Alyssa and Chloe "I think I found my dress!" I said excited


At the same time I said that I heard a familiar voice, that voice belonged to the person I didn't like, Katie "you mean you found my dress" she said and took it out of my hands


"What! no I had it first" I said


"Yeah 'Had' " she said and walked away

I stood there with my mouth open, I didn't even put up a fight. I know that I wouldn't even win


I heard Alyssa and Chloe yelling at Katie to give it back "girls it's fine, just.... just leave her" I said weakly and walked away, I don't even know where I'm going so I sat down at one of the chairs near by.


Kathy came and sat next to me "hey, what's wrong you can't find a dress"


"I already found one, but Katie just too it from me" I said


Kathy was inter back when all of this happened so she didn't see what happened. "What!? she just took it from you" she said


I nodded "I really liked that dress to, not that I don't like the others- I do, but I really liked that one" she rubbed my back


"I think I have a perfect one for you. It just came in today, I'll bring it so you can see it" she said and left to the back


Chloe and Alyssa paid for there dress and mask then they brought a bunch of dresses to see if I liked any


Soon Kathy returned holding a white box, she set it on the table and opened it then she carefully took the dress out, it was long and beautiful, way more beautiful than the pink dress. I immediately fell In love with it. "It's a little different, kinda looks like a wedding dress but I think it will be perfect." Kathy said


She held it out to me so I can look at it "it's beautiful" I said touching the dress. It really was beautiful. "How much is it" I asked suddenly remembering that it could be a lot, it looked like it was more than $300.


"We still haven't set a price on it yet, here," she said handing it to me "just take it, it's yours" my mouth dropped


"Oh no I couldn't do that" I said surprised


"Yes you can, come on take it" she said pushing it towards me


"No no can't, I have to pay for it, I can't accept it like this" I said


"Alright how about you give me $250 and I'll give you the shoes and mask tag come with it, free of charge" Kathy said smiling


I looked at Alyssa and Chloe, they were bobbing there heads, saying yes, to take it


I really can't, but I need a dress and I love this one. This could be my only chance to get it if I don't someone else might take it. I smile "alright I I'll take it"


I heard the girls cheer and Kathy smiled "thank you so much Kathy, this means a lot to me"


"Your welcome Amanda, I'm just looking out for you. I've known you since you were in diapers were like family and family looks out for each other." She said and I smiled and thanked her by giving her a hug


I laughed "your like my fairy godmother" then Kathy, Alyssa and Chloe laughed.


I paid for my dress and we left the shop happy that we all got our dresses.




We were at Alyssa's house, just hanging out, laughing and finishing our school work.


After an hour I had to leave "hey Alyssa can I leave this here until the masquerade ball" I said pointing to my dress


"Yeah sure" she said


I thanked her then I said by to Alyssa and Chloe and left back home.




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