4. Chapter 4

Amanda's POV:


"I, on the other hand would like something" katie said smirking and standing in my way

i took a deep breath, "What would you like katie" 

she smirked once again "hmmm I......I would like a caramel late from Starbucks" 

"I'm not going to Starbucks, im going to the grocery store" i retorted 

"Now you are" then she walked away


Once i was done grabbing the food i went in line to pay, oh by the way Carmen didnt give me any money to pay for this i have to pay for it with my money, 

once everything was payed for i put everything in the car carmen let me use, she said if i crash it i pay for it. she doesnt really let me use it just when she tells me to do things for her like bring her laundry or drive her around or go grocery shopping for her.

Starbucks is like 10 minutes away from here so its not that far,

singing along to the radio, i finally made it to starbucks 

my fingers curled against the door handle, then i opened the door and stepped inside, walking upto to the front line

"Hey Amanda, isnt it your day off" Chloe said, yeah this is where i work

"Hey, yeah i just came to get katie something" I said rolling my eyes, chloe is also one of my friends and she knows how katie annoys me

She sighed "Ahh... well what can I get ya" 

umm wha was it that she said she wanteed again.... oh yeah "Can i get a caramel late"

"Anything else?" she asked hmm... it wouldnt hurt to get myself anything "Uhhh.." i started thinking of what i wanted, i didnt even look at the menu since i already knew what they had because i work here "Can i have a caramel frappe" I said smiling, i havent had those in a while

"coming right up" she told me how much it would be then i turned to walk out so the next customer could order, but when i turned around i bumped into someone and that someone was liam payne

"Oh my gosh, im sorry" i said 

"Its ok..." he started off but stopped

"Amanda, my name is Amanda Shay" i said 

"Its ok amanda, my fault as well" he said 

i smiled then we stood there awkardly "Amanda" Chloe called letting me know my drink was ready ugh thank gosh 

as much as i would like to stand here with liam it was pretty awk..

"Well, i gotta go bye" i said smiling  he nodded then said a bye and i grabbed my drinks and took one more glance at liam, and walked out the store


with one hand i grabbed the grocery's and the other hand i grabbed the drinks and i made m way towards the door, opening it somehow with my foot i made my way towards the kitchen and placed the things on the table then i went upstairs to violas room to give Katie her drink

i knocked on the door, soon the door was opened and viola let me in, "here is your drink Katie" i said handing it to her, then i left before she could say anything

i put the food away and got the food i was going to use to cook.

after 20 minutes of cooking the food was ready and i set the table down so we could eat.

once dinner was over i got stuck washing the dishes like usual, when i was done i went to my room to do my homework, then i took a shower and went to bed




sorry it took me a long time to update,

and sorry if it short, i just wanted to update

but hey its better than nothing right :)

comment on what you thought (:

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