History Of British Literature

This is totally random, I made this as I was studing for my assessment test in History of British Literature, and thought that it'd be easier to remember some things that way. It makes totally no sense at times. :) but I kind of like it :)


1. History of British Literature

Beowulf should be a hero to us

he slew three fucking monsters during his life

he died the right kind of death

like every warrior should have

in glory and fame

but Canterbury Tales are making me regret he is dead


the Father of English Literature they call him

can really bore me to death

I’d rather read Beowulf again

his unfinished work is really not that great


Why did Anglican priest want to persuade young girls to lose their virginity?

Robert Herrick what was wrong with you?

I get that we should enjoy our youth

and with the growing up life gets shorter

the death might come even today

but I don’t think we should lose our way


The Sun Rising

while I’m sitting in the dark

curtains closed

the moon probably shines bright outside

the lover and his mistress lying in bed

they don’t need to measure time they have left

but saying only love is important and calling yourself king

seems like a cliché to me, no matter the scene

still I like the universe in which we are the center

and the Sun just goes around us

we can be disrespectful toward it

it’s no news that in the morning we’d rather it just hid away

and everything else went to hell


Gulliver’s on his travels in Liliput today

Small and vicious Liliputians

are making his stay hard to bare

treacherous little creatures are they

you try to help them

and they are taking it the wrong way

they say you’re a traitor

and they try to blind you for that as well

Swift you try living in your own wonderland

I’m curious if you’d survive there


the fifth hour passes

I’m driven nuts

does this suffering ever ends?

Now only Fall Out Boy can keep me sane

they are the ones who truly save the day.


I can’t stand coffee,

I’m high on tea

but at this rate

I’m gonna run out of it pretty soon


Let's move on to The Story of Creation…

oh sorry, wrong course

The History of American Literature Assessment test

is not the one I have to study for, today

It’s kind of a bummer

I’d rather read about the witches of Salem


The Seafarer is kind of troublesome for me

I’m not really keen on nostalgic elegies

especially connected with the sea

but I really wanted to see the path of the whale today

to feel the breeze, to feel the sun

I got to like the kennings pretty much

maybe I’ll come up with one next time

Old sailor,

I know you are tired and lonely out there

harsh weather conditions are getting in your way

the constant strain of peril

you find yourself longing for the life on land

and for how it was in the past

however you couldn’t stop sailing

you love it to much


If I don’t finish it by Friday this time

there’s no Doctor Who for me Saturday night

I can’t risk to miss David Tennant on my screen again

returning in just 3 days


The Norton Anthology is getting on my nerves

it’s not like you can easily find it on one’s shelf

The footnotes and all that we should’ve checked

are not crucial to us

soon the alphabet will be not good enough

for all the volumes to find


it’s time for Shakespeare to take the stage

the cycle of life, he presents

we wake up from sleep in order to live

and when our life ends we fall asleep again

Prospero the ruler of Milan, overthrown by his brother

sent to exile

he thinks he is so in control

enslaving the innocent inhabitants of the island

making all the decisions for his only daughter

the sorcery is power

that should not be abused

no matter the reason

magic always comes with the price


Beowulf taught me one thing

you can’t kill all the monsters

because when one falls the other one rises

but it doesn’t mean we should stop trying

and accept our defeat

it means we should try harder

and pass this quest to the next one out there

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