The Darkness of The Heart

Drake was a normal 20 years old college student until one day his life was turned upside down, follow Drake's story as he becomes a mercenary and struggles to keep his human side alive as he goes on epic missions with his team, wars will be waged and secrets will be uncovered in Drake's journey for redemption.


2. The Unthinkable

I was walking back home from college after a long day at around 6 pm, I always take a shortcut where I walk in a back ally that is always empty. As I was walking a van entered the ally and was coming my way. The strange van pulled beside me and it’s door was opened, 5 seconds later I was in the van with a hand over my mouth sealing it and the other hand was keeping me from moving, they were the hands of a strong man. My eyes came to focus and infront of me was a woman with a beautiful long black hair, blue eyes and perfectly oval face. I think she was around 26 years old. She looked at me with a serious face and said with a clear voice “Don’t struggle or do anything stupid and you might make it through the day”.
My whole body started shaking, to her left sat a girl with a blond ponytail hair, blue eyes and a fine featured face. I guess she was 18 or 19 years old. She looked heavy-hearted with sad expressions. Did they kidnap her too?

As I was trying to take the whole thing in the woman spoke again “I’m sure you are confused about this so let me explain things, we are a part of an organization called Eclipse and we need your brother’s help. We want him to work on some nuclear experimentations and applications. Your brother has been retired for a while now so the surveillance the CIA put on him is no more. If your brother doesn’t cooperate he’ll lose everything precious in his life”

As she said these words she seemed dead serious. Then a man spoke from the driving seat, I couldn’t turn to see his face. “Why do you even bother explaining, after all he saw our faces”.

I flinched as I heard these words. They could only mean that they will kill me before long. Everything went silent for a couple of minutes and every single bad outcome and scenario rushed into my mind, I was overwhelmed by the situation.

Then the girl next to her looked at me and started to speak “I’m sorry this is ha..”

“Shush Elizabeth” the black haired woman stopped her. “You don’t apologize to people who’s lives you are about to ruin. Actually, you don’t apologize at all.”

Elizabeth looked away and said “Is this who we really are now?” in a sad and deep voice.

The man who was gaging my mouth with his hand finally spoke “Welcome to the real world kiddo”.

I struggled trying to speak but all that came out was “mm mmmm mmmm”

The black haired woman looked at me and said “You have something to say? Ok but if you even think about screaming not only you but your brother and his family will pay the price. Am I clear?”

I nodded. Then she signaled to the man behind me with her head and he removed his hand from my mouth. I had to think carefully about what I say but I was in no condition to think clearly.

I gasped for air a little then I spoke “Please don’t hurt my brother, I’ll do anything you want just leave him alone, he retired because he didn’t want to work on any nuclear projects anymore, he had enough. He will never agree to help you.”

The woman looked at me and said “He will help us if the life of his family is at stake, just like you are willing to do anything so he won’t be put in that position.” She smiled a little then said “You really love your brother huh? Don’t worry, as long as he does what we tell him to do everything will be just fine.”

Elizabeth looked at me with a tear in her eye. Could it be true? Would they really let us all live if my brother does what they ask him to do? Or is every god damn word that comes from this woman’s mouth is a lie? I asked a question. “What kind of nuclear stuff are you going to force my brother to work on?”

It was the man who was halting my movement that answered “We don’t ask questions, we get the job done. Now stop with the stupid questions before I lose my temper.”

He’s right, it was a stupid question. They were men for hire, it was obvious from the moment they picked me up. All I really need is an answer to the final question, the one that really matters.
“What if my brother refuses to help you, even if at the cost of his family’s life? What will happen?”

The lady in front of me answered “Lets hope your brother isn’t brave enough to find out.” There was something in her eyes as she said that, it’s like she was hoping it doesn’t come to that. I was glad to see that.

Then the man behind the wheels said “We’ll be there in a couple of minutes” then the woman shouted “Ok put on your masks, we go in grab the target and go out, it’s a simple and smooth operation so don’t screw this up.” She looked at Elizabeth “You’re  gonna be ok?”

Elizabeth took a deep breath then answered “yeah, I’m ready.” The black haired woman patted Elizabeth’s back and said “Come on... you’ve been through worse. Don’t worry, it will be over before you know it”.

Then they all took out red masks that had the shape of a dragon, under different circumstances I would’ve said they were awesome, they had a very strange yet great looking design that you could tell it was well thought of.

I was restless, thinking so hard of a way out of this because I knew that everyone was in the house now. They probably have been watching us and picked the right moment, but I can’t think of anything I can do to stop this, it’s hopeless. Our house was alone on top of a small hell so screaming for help there wouldn’t help. As I was thinking the car stopped. They picked up rifles from a bag and the man behind me wrapped a piece of leather around my mouth, then the black haired woman opened the door and we all stepped out and ran towards the house, now I couldn’t see face of the man who was driving or the one who was holding me in the car because of the masks but both of them had muscular bodies, probably ex-military.

As we reached the house door the driver kicked in the door and went inside first, we followed him to find Matt and Sarah sitting in the living room watching TV.

Sarah started screaming as Matt was lost in confusion from what his eyes were seeing. A few seconds later the black haired woman was putting a gun in Sarah’s face as she told her to shut up or she dies.

Matt started shouting “leave her alone! Who are you people? What do you want from us?” then he finally noticed me “Drake? Oh my God!  Drake are you ok? Who are these people?”

Then the black haired woman screamed “shut up before I lose my temper and shoot her, calm down and allow me to explain but before that, where is your son?”

the question scared him, did they come to take his son? “he’s... sleeping upstairs” he replied.

She went on “I’ll be brief so listen carefully. My name is Jennifer and I work for a mercenary organization, You’re going to come with us to work on some experimental nuclear tests, we’ll explain everything on the way, if you refuse we’ll kill you all right now.”

My brother was silent for a second, not knowing what to say or do. Then he spoke “I’ve retired long ago, I don’t work on anything that has to do with nuclear energy anymore” Jennifer was angered by his response and shouted “you think I’m joking around? Fine” then she removed the safety lock for her rifle, aimed at Sarah’s face and put her finger on the trigger.

My brother shouted “Stop please! I’ll do it, I’ll do anything you want… just please, please don’t hurt my family” he knelt on the ground. As I was watching my brother, the man I treasure the most in life, beg for our lives everything in my mind went blank. There was a way out of this but it was something I would never do but as all reason and thought in my mind became void I was only left with instinct, and then it happened.

I noticed Elizabeth who was standing next to me with her gun held and pointed at my brother, her body was shaking and she was holding her gun with a weak grip, the man who was holding me captive the whole time had let his guard down ever since we entered the house. So there was my chance and I took it.

I ran towards Elizabeth as fast as I could and took her gun away from her then I pointed it, removed the safety and pulled the trigger… A gun shot was heard… I had done the unthinkable.

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