The Darkness of The Heart

Drake was a normal 20 years old college student until one day his life was turned upside down, follow Drake's story as he becomes a mercenary and struggles to keep his human side alive as he goes on epic missions with his team, wars will be waged and secrets will be uncovered in Drake's journey for redemption.


3. The Unthinkable 2

For the next 3 or 4 minutes everyone was silent as my brother’s body hit the ground, unable to comprehend what just happened.  Then Sarah started shouting “What have you done?!” as she went to my brother’s body, I dropped the gun as my whole body started shaking, I realized what I’ve done.

Then the guy who was responsible for keeping me in check grabbed me and pinned me to the wall, he held his gun to my face as he shouted “You little bastard! I’m gonna kill you.”

At that moment Jennifer stepped up “Put him down Marcus,  right now. We’re leaving and we’re taking the boy with us, lets move it”

Marcus replied “ Are you crazy! he just shot our target! We failed our mission you know what that means, he must pay for what he has done ”

She went in Marcus’s direction and punched him in the face “Are you forgetting you are the one who dropped his guard and allowed him to do it. Question my orders again and I swear I’ll drop you dead where you stand, take him to the car. NOW.”  Marcus got up and headed towards drake. Jennifer turned around and signaled the crew to return to the car. Elizabeth was still in a state of shock over what happened; she blamed herself for being so weak as she started walking towards Matt’s body. Sarah was crying furiously as she was putting her leather jacket over Matt’s wound trying to stop the bleeding.

At that moment Jay stood at the top of the second floor’s stairway. “Mommy, what’s going on? Why is daddy on the ground?”

Elizabeth was horrified when she saw the kid.

She looked at Matt’s wound then shouted at Sarah “he can still make it! Call an ambulance”

Jennifer stood beside Sarah and said with a clear voice.” If you mention the fact that we took drake to the police I’ll come back to kill you and your little boy”

Then she grabbed Elizabeth’s hand and they both went to the car and got in. I was still in a state of shock when the two of them made it to the car, the car started moving fast as everyone was silent.

Then Marcus asked “What the hell are you thinking? Bringing him with us?” she looked at him and said “do you realize what he had done in there? He saved himself, Sarah, the little boy and if he’s lucky enough his brother too.”

Marcus looked at me and said “This is nonsense, how could he have possibly known that we wouldn’t just kill all three of them if he killed our targ…” then he stopped as if realizing something, then he looked at Jennifer. “I see why you’re interested in him.”

He then pointed at Elizabeth with his head who was weeping silently as she had her face in her hands. “Is she gonna be ok?”

“I thought she’d be used to all the shit we do by now. She’ll be fine” she looked at Drake with worry and sadness in her eyes “He hasn’t even flinched ever since it happened, knock him out Marcus, some sleep should be good for him.” 

I sat down again infront  of the camera  “this is all I remember from that cursed day, after that everything went black.”

“I shot my own brother… I really don’t know what happened to me when I did it, it’s hard to describe. It was like my fear for my brother’s life led me to do it. I knew that he might be forced to work on projects that he will regret being a part of for the rest of his life. And after he was done, were they really going to let us go? No…. I’m just trying to make up excuse to justify what I’ve done. The sin I committed is unforgivable, I have lost everything.”

“I was told later that my brother is still alive but he’s in a coma, the bullet didn’t do any deadly damage to his chest but the wound caused a Stroke which caused the coma and that when he wakes up, he should be alright. Nothing can describe how thankful I was when I heard this news, maybe at some point my brother will wake up, and he’ll be able to hold Sarah and Jay again. Sarah and Jay… Will they ever forgive me?”

“When I woke up after Marcus knocked me out three months ago, I found myself in this facility”.

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