The Awakenings

IT is about a girl names alice she is many creatures with one name a _________ she is a demon and angel but like i said one name but Alice won't give up on her family no matter what and her self confidence.


2. chapter 1

One night after school Alice goes into her dorm, with Clare and they where laughing and talking bout the sleep over they planned, they where R.E.A.D.Y. for it. They got together all the vampire movies they had and put them by the TV, Then put out several sleeping bags. They had already bought the fake blood bag candy, and all sorts of fake edible blood stuff and spaghetti. Clare was arranging the vampire books, and games and set them out in order of publish or release date. Alice was talking to Clare on the couch when the phone rang so Clare stood and got the phone.



Clare sighs and hands the phone to Alice and says.

“It's Vickie...”

Of course Clare doesn't like Vickie because how hyper and loud she is.

“Hey Vickie, It’s Alice.”

“Hey. Alice. What' ya up to?”

Alice stops to think and looks at Clare smiling then says.

“Getting ready and waiting for you guys to get Your slow butts here.!”

She laughs, Then there was silence from the other line then Vickie says with a laugh.

“See ya' Soon!”

The phone clicks and Alice puts it back on its stand. There is a knock on the door. She goes over to it,and opens it.

“You guys actually got your butts here.”

She was looking at all of them to make sure they are all there,Then her gaze stops at a petite black haired girl,with eyes as amber as flames and her bangs half way covering them. She wore a lovely Gothic red and black dress with matching shoes,choker,and gloves.

“Nice outfit!”

Alice exclaims. The girl responds.

“I'm Sarah,You must be Alice?”

“Why yes I am.”

She says with a laugh.

“Vickie invited me to come...”

Alice had come to a realization that Sarah's voice was a such lovely quite low sound. Then Alice says.

“Where did you get that outfit,It's so cute!”

Sarah stops to think because,she didn’t know what to say for she had that outfit for ages but then remembered a new store up the road from their college.

“You know that new store Vampire's Closet,I got it there?”

Alice smiles.

“Thanks for the info....”

“Oh it's okay if you didn’t have enough stuff for me to join, I brought My own stuff...”

She smiles,and slightly laughs. Alice smiles at her in return. Sarah laughs again and looks around as her fangs flash Alice was the only one who saw them. She sighs as she holds back blurting out everything she was thinking about Sarah. Alice smiles her hair turning darker brown over the years she had forgotten her mythical roots but now that she was seeing Sarah she mutters something and her eyes turn a lighter green and her back begins to ache. She smiles at Sarah whom was saying....

“Maybe...we can go to a cavern I know of that vampires live in...”

-yeah in her mind or is it where she lives...-Alice was thinking and smiles again.

“sure!why don't we go guys...”

They all nod and smiles.

“heck yeah”

Says Deanna. Clare smiles slightly she does remember that she is a which and she remembers the girl who almost stole Alec’s heart literally from his body and soul. Her name was Clarice who is a knight silver witch also known with other names she was young then she stole out demons heart at Clare's side. Clare had decided that moment she wouldn't kill demons unless needed and because her friend Alice was in love with one Clare loved her sister but yet she hated Clarice with a burning passion as well so she had mixed feeling for her Clare says to Sarah on the way to the cavern in a low snarl.

“Are you friends with Clarice?!?”

Sarah keeps walking with a smirk. Clare looks towards the petite Alice with her long flowing pale brown hair with pale green eyes there was something going on with her. She looked different. More sad Clare hugs her and then disappears and is beside Sarah once again with Vickie by Alice. Deanna far behind her skin was reddish toned and red hair with red eyes. Alice smiles looking at the sky thinking of her mother Anne who is like a guardian angel to Alice.

Her mothers soft features still in her mind. Even though she had not seen her since her 6th birthday when her mother had been killed and was now teaching in heaven all the little ones who had joined he. They reach the cave as Clare reaches towards Alice's shoulder. Alice jolted out of deep thought and her eyes narrowed.

Sarah says.

“we need to wait till the moon is high...”

They each nod. This cave was the ancient cave were all myths were rooted werewolf, fairies, vampires, kitsunes, hybrids and last but not least witches. Alice smiles angels didn’t come here but she was friends with all myths or so she thought. The moon was in the sky when they all had stopped the chatter. Sarah leads everyone into the cave. Alice grabs a torch,and since Alice wasn't watching Clare evolved a flame from her hands and Deanna used her demon sight Sarah did nothing but she could see perfectly. There was a sound a dark sound likes broken chains dragging and and claws ticking on the ground. The sounds of scream from the past as ghost hid and the rustling of someone walking over. Sarah was gone but another girl of long black hair sideways across her face, hazel eyes and gray clothing,with chains on her hands ad feet... Alice gasped and then thinks...


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