No Ordinary Everlyn

Everlyn,who was born a huge snowflake which it never melts , lives in the woods with her parents. One winter day, betrayal and secrets were revealed to her. She was thrown far away, right after a huge fight with her parents. As she was having a rest in an old woodland tree, something or someone has brought her to a kingdom which she had only heard in fairy tales, Saisonica. There, she discovers more about the kingdom and especially, herself.


6. Chapter 6

I'm trying to find the old woodland tree that I've been connected to. It always helps me find my way home. But this time, I'm not going back home, or should I've say, in hell.

Suddenly, I felt warmness on my face, especially under my nose. It's like water, streaming down from my nose hole to my lips. I touched it , and it's only blood.

I had nose bleeding.

I have tried to ignore the wound, but it gotten a lot more worse .

I rub my nose carefully, avoiding any more damages on my nose.But, once I rubbed it, my wound was gone. The bleeding stops. I looked at my both hands, they're nothing but skinny white, pale hands.

But, I wondered, why did my wound was cured once I rubbed my nose?

I haven't slept for a......a few days, maybe. I feel like dying right now. I thought ran away from them was a good idea, but I think I was wrong.

I started to think back the past, the memories I had in that wood made house. I didn't know I have good times in there. I've kinda missed Mouline already. I should have keep her away from those two. They're animal eating lovers anyway, yes, I know you find it disgusting, and I started to worry about my dear horse. The regretful feeling started to grow inside me.

Oh Everlyn, what are you talking about? You are supposed to be happy with your decision! You always said that you........ Did you started to regret of what you had done?

Tears started to stream down my cheeks, this is the saddest moment of my life. WHEN and WHERE I'm gonna find a new start? And again, I become such an emotional person!

Great. Now, I, in my old cape , talking to myself, thinking negative thoughts,in the middle of nowhere except the snowstorm. In the middle of my search for shelter, I tried to forget the horrible past by singing some chorus. I didn't invented it, but I always heard it in my dreams. I always thought it might be angels who sing this song to me.

Can I be, was I there,

Felt so crystal in the air,

I still want to drown whenever you leave,

Please teach me gently on how to breathe,

And I'll cross oceans like never before,

So you can feel the way I feel it too,

And I'll send images back to you,

So you see can the way I feel it too,

Maybe I had said something that was wrong,

Can I make it better with the lights turned on?

Maybe I had said something that was wrong,

Can I make it better with the lights turned on?


That comforts me. It destroys all the nightmares I had in my entire life. I felt like the cold wind has blown me away.

Few moments later, luck has finally come to me. I managed to found a huge oak tree . I touched the tree, and again, I'm connected to it. It's still looking healthy. And it's covered with snow, and I use the snow as my blanket. I rest my head on the fluffy, snowy moss. Snow can be so cold to you, and I hate to brag, I feel so alive when it comes to winter. It's like a sun, a warmer sun to me. Let's just say that winter is my summertime.

Finally, I felt so peaceful, more peaceful than all the way back home....

× × × × × × × × × × × × ×

It was a bright and early morning. Birds are chirping merrily by the trees,the parents went to find food for their offspring. The cold air is swaying around the environment, and luckily for Ever, there are no snowstorm.

Ever woke up with full of sweetness on her face. The first thing she could think of in this wonderful day She's getting used to it. However, she doesn't have to do work, except for finding food and comfort.

Ever grabbed a pile of tiny twigs and branches which she found behind an old woodland tree. She used those twigs and branhes for balancing herself, as she climbing up a small hill to find herbs to fill up her empty stomach

She is quite different from any other hunters when it comes to the wilderness. Ever since the transformation, she feels comfortable without any fire to warm herself up. Ever does know what's she doing, thank you very much. As she just said , winter is her summertime.

In fact, she loves wilderness. During her childhood years, she always read about stories that involves wildlife. To her, wildlife is something that where she could start seeking her love for mother nature, and then the world.

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