No Ordinary Everlyn

Everlyn,who was born a huge snowflake which it never melts , lives in the woods with her parents. One winter day, betrayal and secrets were revealed to her. She was thrown far away, right after a huge fight with her parents. As she was having a rest in an old woodland tree, something or someone has brought her to a kingdom which she had only heard in fairy tales, Saisonica. There, she discovers more about the kingdom and especially, herself.


4. Chapter 4

Holy crap! It's already midnight! How could I find my way home now?

I looked around the forest, it's really dark. I don't know what to do.I never been outside this late before.

Not for long, a voice near me said," I want you to look up."

I started to think negatively about this. Is it Yetti? Bigfoot? Wolves? Or even worse, VAMPIRES?!

I wondered if the voice belongs to the old woodland tree I'd connected to.

"Tree, can you talk? Are you the one who told me to look up?"

" Yes. Come closer and I'll tell you more."

So, I came closer to it, just as it wants me to. Once again, we're connected.

"Look up."

Looking up. There's nothing but skies full of shining stars.

" Aye, nothing special up there. "

" Look at the stars. Concentrate on it."

I'm concentrating on it. Looked at the scar again, I turn back to the stars.

The stars. The scar. This is weird.

Another weird part. I saw two stars are different than the others. Way too different. Those two stars!

Suddenly, the two green stars moved. It moves! And it belongs to a shadowy figure.

The shadow figure flew to me. I'm so scared that it might attack me or something.

It's an owl. Age, a bit old. Fur as white as snow. So cuddlish!

" I'm the Old Wise Owl. I'll lead the way for you."

Great.Now another creature just talked to me. Is this some kind of dream? I went silence. I don't know what to say to this owl.

" Don't worry. I won't hurt you. And this is not a dream. "

You just read my mind, didn't you?

"I'll lead, you follow. " It flew away from me and start making a path for me.

Without thinking twice, I walk through the white, shining path that the old owl has given me.

It's like strolling on the moon. I could take my worn shoes off and let my feet feel the warm.

I finally reached home, safe and sound.

Thanks to the creatures whose helped me find my way back.

I went to my bedroom, feeling curious.

I remembered what they said to me right after I arrived home, '' Don't ever tell anybody else about us . ''

I wonder, do they ever help the others like this before?

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