I'm in love with my best friend

Hi, my name is Ruby and my best friends with One Direction. I've known the boys since I was little, I sort of have this crush on Niall though he doesn't know and I don't think he feels the same way. My best friends are Danielle Peazer and Eleanor Caldor, Dani likes Liam and El likes Lou but they don't know. the boys get of tour and come home.
What will happen? Will Ruby admit her true feelings for Niall? Will they fall in love? read to find out...


3. Welcome home part 2

"Babbbbeeeeeeeeee" I heard Harry scream into the phone

"Harryyyyyy" I mimicked

"The lights went out" he whispered cautiously, I laughed "Its not a laughing matter" he said

"I know, I know, I'm sorry. where are you?" I silently laughed again

"Heading up to Niall's bedroom" he said, perfect I thought, I heard footsteps

"Well keep calm, if the lights don't come back on in 20mins call me back okay?" I asked

"Yeah, alright thanks" he said, I hung up


I boys were close, I needed somewhere to hide. Under the bed!. I quickly hid and then the door burst open. they were all obviously panicking, my bests friends everyone! I felt the bed go down, someone had sat down.


I text the girls where I was and where the boys are

the convo


D - where are you girl?

M - Niall's room, harry called me, there in here to, im under the bed

D - so whats the plan then?

M - well, I was thinking that at the perfect moment, on my count down, when I get to 3, you and El run up to the room and through the door screaming 'boooo'

D - yeah, that sounds hell good Rubs

M - yeah and as you burst through the door, threes someone on the bed and when you guys rub through the door and scare them I'm going to grab the person leg!

D - perfecto!

M - yeah well ill go and ill give you the signal. ttyl (talk to you later) x

D - ttyl xx


"What are we going to do?" someone screamed, I recognised that voice, Zayn

"Calm down, im sure it'll be back on in no time!" another voice, Liam!


on my count






Hey guys, tell me what you think of the book so far, greatly appreciated, ill update asap!

Love you guys xx - Caitlin

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