I'm in love with my best friend

Hi, my name is Ruby and my best friends with One Direction. I've known the boys since I was little, I sort of have this crush on Niall though he doesn't know and I don't think he feels the same way. My best friends are Danielle Peazer and Eleanor Caldor, Dani likes Liam and El likes Lou but they don't know. the boys get of tour and come home.
What will happen? Will Ruby admit her true feelings for Niall? Will they fall in love? read to find out...


6. finally

That was until.. We got interrupted by the boys;

"FINALLY!" Lou screeched

"Yeah, I know aye!" Zayn said

Harry looked a little hurt, I wonder why that was?

I blushed like crazy, so did Niall

We got up and walked back inside hand-in-hand

"Aww, look at the cutest couple on the planet!" Liam said, my cheeks turned red, Niall gave me a reassuring squeeze.

Liam picked me up and spun me around, everyone was laughing "I'm so proud of my Rittle Ruby" he said "Liammmmm" I whined embarrassed

"Stop embarrassing her Liam James Payne!" Louis scowled

"Alright alright" he said

"I know, let's watch a movie!" Harry said

"Yeah!" Everyone agreed

"Paranormal activity!" Harry looked at me and smirked, he knows how much I hate scary movies

"No,Harryyyyyy" I whined

"No buts, ifs or no's. It's finale" he laughed, I gave him a death glare

"It's alright beautiful, I'll protect you" Niall said as he wrapped his arms around my waste and I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned in for a kiss, I felt sparks like I always do.

"Get a room guys" Lou yelled. I laughed

Me and Niall sat next to each other and I cuddled with him. Harry put the movie in. Let the horror begin........

- author

Hey guys how ya doing? Sorry I haven't updated, been really busy. Sorry

So let me know what you guys think I'll update as soon as I can

-caitlin xx

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