She's my protector

Aqila is a friend who is always happy. She is also a comedian in her class, a counselor and an always cheer others.But one day, there was a girl named Julia who hotspots. Julia is not easy to make friends with other people. Aqila was assigned to be a guard for Julia. What will happen?


3. Story End*

                    Today, the last day she became my protector. The reason, my illness was cured because of her. I was back to the U.S.. I am longing to Aqila. While at the airport, he gave me a letter. He said "Julia, if you were 20 years old, you can read this letter.



"For 10 years this letter kept by you, I think you can already read. From 10 years we are friends. Luckily you remember this letter because you are only the most special friends in the world. Bye, this is only from me, Aqila.

                                                                                                                                            Love, Aqila "
I miss Aqila after reading the letter. Diary've already was about to run out of paper. Long story also our friends.
Please Aqila healthy as ever, always cheerful.
                                            ~ The End ~

                                              A story by

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