She's my protector

Aqila is a friend who is always happy. She is also a comedian in her class, a counselor and an always cheer others.But one day, there was a girl named Julia who hotspots. Julia is not easy to make friends with other people. Aqila was assigned to be a guard for Julia. What will happen?


2. I get more familiar

               When I go to the toilet, unaccompanied Aqila, I saw a group of girls. More like a gangster trying to bully Sarah, my classmate. So I tried to help Sarah from being bullied. "Stop bullying Sarah!" I said. And their leader, Qarina replied, "We're not bullying, we just ask for money." Even my straight answer "What ever! Important you all miss Sarah!"


Suddenly, Aqila came with the principal and she said "What a coincidence! Sir, as you can see and clearly audible, Qarina himself has told that they are asking for money that arent theyres.

So they apologized for what they did on Sarah. However, Sarah forgave them. After that, Aqila requesting permission to advise them and said "Next time, do not do it again because you did not plan the ways ..... hahaha, I'm just kidding! Remember ... do not do it again as before." After that they go back to their respective classes.


                In class, I started to get used to the wrongs around. Another friend started to respect me and understand my situation. Sarah is no longer afraid of them and thank me and Aqila.After that,teachers in and teach.After the teacher out, me and Aqila talk about the incident earlier. She said "When you're in the toilet, I quietly entered the toilet. Meanwhile, after a few seconds you out and I'm also going to the toilet. From the crew out of the toilet, from there I watched you." I was shocked to hear "Watching YOU '. Then she said "No .... I mean is not it time you go out ... I watched open toilets in the toilet ... okay .."I was laughing, laughing and laughing.




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