Into The Darkness

You just moved from England to Canada. You keep running into this guy, he looks like trouble, but that's what draws you to him. Will you let him draw you into the darkness?
(justins not famous)


9. Stay

It was Daniel. What was he doing here!!! Fuck.

I stood up from the bed, as i did he moved closer to me. 

"What are you doing" he sneered

"I needed some clothes" i whispered

"Didn't answer my question" he laughed

"All my clothes are here" i nodded towards my suitcase

"So" he hissed

"I don't like wearing other peoples clothes. No one's here, i made sure of that before coming in. If i was betraying you don't you think i would of wanted someone to be here" i squeked

I really did want someone to be here. Why was no one here. 

"The others said you wasn't to be trusted, i'm starting to think their right" he frowned

"No, look i come here to get changed and get my clothes, besides i'm going away for a while" i lied

"What do you mean you're going away" he snapped

"My mum's invited me to go visit her in Europe" i lied again

It wasn't exactly a lie. My mum had invited me, but i had said some other time. I couldn't just up and leave now. Instead i was going to go back to my home and hide there for a few days. 

"How long would you be gone" he asked, calming down

"A week" i answered

"Fine, go" he shrugged

"Really" i frowned

"Yes, go now" he ordered

I grabbed my suitcase and ran down the stairs. I opened the door to walk out when i was greeted by Maria. A huge grin spread across on her face. Before she had a chance to talk i got in first

"Be quiet and go to my car" i hissed

Without another word we both got in my car. I prayed Daniel didn't see anything.

"Why couldn't i go in my own house" she laughed

"Daniel was in there" i sighed

"You brought him in our house" she raised her voice

"No! I come back hoping someone would be in, i had a shower and got changed and bam there he was" i replied

"Shit" she shrugged

"He should be gone soon, i'll drive around the block and then drop you off down the road slightly" i mumbled

"Ok" she replied

I drove around the block before dropping her of a few doors down from the house. She climbed out the car and then turned and waved at me

"It was nice to see you" she smiled

"You two" i laughed

I then headed towards my house. I pulled up in front of it and headed towards the front door. My mum had sorted someone to come and check on the dogs while she was on her business trip to Europe, just incase i couldn't. I couldn't wait to see them, i hadn't seen them in weeks. 

I opened the door and as soon as i walked in, i was greeted by two very happy dogs. I said hello and made a fuss over them. I then stood up and pulled out my phone and dialled Justins number. 

"Hello" he answered

"Where are you" i asked

"Nearly home, why" he replied

"Come mine" i instructed

"Why" he asked

"I've got some things you need to know, just hurry" i sighed, hanging up

Justin didn't live that far from me, which meant if he was nearly home, then he wouldn't be that far away from mine either. I took my shoes off and walked into the front room. I put the telly on and then walked into the kitchen to get myself a drink. I got a glass from the cabinet and poured in some coke from the fridge.

As i turned round i dropped the glass onto the floor. It smashed into pieces and the drink went everywhere. Justin was standing in front of my back door. It was a big glass door and he had scared the life out of me. I carefully stepped around the mess and opened the door for him. 

He walked in and i walked over to the sink. I opened the cupboard underneath and pulled out a dustpan and brush. I started to sweep up the glass, i then got the mop to clean up the fizzy liquid. Once i was done i looked at Justin who had a smirk glued to his face. I frowned at him and his smirk grew wider

"It's not funny" I whined

"Oh, it is" he laughed

I had kind of missed his voice, i don't know why i just had. Without thinking i wrapped my arms around him and hug him tightly. It took him a few seconds to react, but when he did i was so relieved, he hugged back. 


*Justins POV*

I was leaning on Bella's table watching her clean up the glass she had dropped. I probably should of helped seen as it was me who scared her, which made her drop the glass. Then i found the whole situation funny and a smirk formed on my face. Once she was done she looked at me and frowned, which only made my smirk grow wider.

"It's not funny" she whined

"Oh yes it is" i laughed at her

Oh i had missed her voice. I don't know why but i had missed getting to see her. I was furious that Daniel had got to see her the last week, yet i hadn't. Wait. Why was i feeling like this? I couldn't possibly like Bella, could i?

My thoughts were interrupted when i felt her arms around my neck, she was hugging me. It took me a few seconds to react. She was about to pull away, probably because i didn't hug back, so i quickly pulled her back and hugged her. 

We stood like this for a few minutes, it felt nice. Eventually we both pulled away. 

"Sorry" she mumbled

"Don't be" i chuckled

She flashed me a quick smile. Wow. I had missed those as well. Fuck. Justin stop being soppy. 

"So what did you need to tell me" i asked getting straight to the point

"Daniel's going to kill you" she whispered

I frowned. As if that prick could, then again, i killed his friend, well lover. I had never killed someone who meant a lot to him, therefore i didn't know how he would react. This could be bad. My thoughts were interrupted by Bellas angelictic voice

"He wants to do it at graduation next week" she began

Shit, he was going to do it in a week. I thought i would have more time than that. 

"He's going to plot up on the building opposite with a sniper and then shot you.. in the heart. I presume that is because you killed someone he loved, kind of ironic right? and then he is hoping everyone will run at the sound of the shot, which will give him time for gang to drive in front of the stage and put your body in the van, but i have a plan" she continued

"Go on" i urged, intrigued by what she had to say

"We could get you one of those bullet proof vests, and then when Daniel shoots you, fall down and play dead. Then when they come over attack. We can all be plotted around, unseen of course" she finished

"Bella.....That's a great idea, i can't believe i didn't come up with that" I chuckled

It truly was an amazing idea. I just hope it will work

"Well i better go" i shrugged heading towards the door, i opened it and was about to leave when i heard her voice

"Don't" she whispered

"What" i asked in confusion

"Stay with me please" she mumbled

"Are you sure" i puzzled, slowly shutting the door

She nodded her head. I stood there unsure of what to do...


*Bellas POV*
I told Justin my plan and he said it was a great idea. I was so proud of myself. He said he better go, but for some reason i told him to stay. So now here we were standing in my kitchen, neither of us saying a word. Awkward.

"Wanna go upstairs" i offered

He nodded his head and shrugged.

Why did i say upstairs???? Oh fuck. We walked up the stairs and i slowly opened my bedroom door. I walked and Justin followed and we both sat down on my bed. I turned to face Justin.

"So what do you wa..." i was cut of by Justin, who smashed his lips against mine, i kissed back. He slowly run his tongue across my bottom lip so i parted them, allowing him entrance. I could feel the sparks shooting through my body. 

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